Keep these 8 things at your workstation to improve your efficiency


For some, the workstation is a temple and a place of worship. For some, it’s just a place to sit in the office and execute your daily tasks. Whatever it is, employees spend a substantial time of their day at their workstation – probably 8-10 hours, or may be more. When we are spending so much time at our office, why not make it a positive and cool place to hang out? Keep some stuff which brightens your day. So here are a few such things that enhance your creativity and make you a better performer:

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1. Digital Photo Frames

There are people you love in your life, like your parents, siblings, wife, kids, or girlfriend or boyfriend. The advantage of a digital frame is that these photos keep on appearing one-by-one and you feel kind of happy looking at them. After all, we are human and can’t live without love!

2. Healthy Snacks

Munching some healthy snacks now and then will keep you in a good mood. Whether these are some little spicy snacks or some biscuits, keep whatever you love close by to chow down on when you feel like it.

3. Stress Ball

If you are stuck in a stressful situation in the office, press the stress ball hard and release all your stress on it. After all, that’s why they manufacture it.

4. Plant

Keep a small plant on your desktop, because greenery is simply inspiring. Water it daily and clean the plant with a sprinkler – raise it like your baby. This will keep you satisfied.

5. Candies/Mint/Chocolate

Now this is not for you. This is for the people who visit your workstation. Offer them one and form a bond with them through these little cute gifts. Your guests should not return empty handed! By the way, you can eat them too.

6. Scribbler

Keep a small notebook where you can jot down your random thoughts in your free time. Write down just anything you love to lighten your mood. Once you jot down any thought, you feel better! It doesn’t even really matter whether it’s a positive or negative thought.

7. Hourglass

This is one thing that might give you satisfaction just by looking at it. You may look at the hourglass and the sand smoothly flowing – it’s just a visual delight – or you may keep something else that pleases visually.

8. Rubik’s Cube/Fidget Spinner

These things might help you when you feel like playing or when you are just happy. These are your good mood mate! They offer just a few minutes of time-pass, but are interesting and entertaining.

Keeping these little things on your workstation will make a huge difference in your overall performance and mood. You spend a considerable amount time in your office and you need to be surrounded by good things. But make sure that those things are not a distraction and affect your work. Rather, they should enhance your performance.

Finally, here’s one more important suggestion, which is tried and tested. If you can take a little 2-minute break from your workstation after every hour, this will really, really benefit you. You may try all these things from today itself and find out for yourself.

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