This engineer quit his job to grow jumbo guavas, sells them at Rs 500 a kilo


Haling from Sangatpura village in Jind district of Haryana, Neeraj Dhandha was an engineer by profession. However, his immense fondness for guavas led him to decide to drop everything and begin cultivating them.

After completing his engineering, Neeraj worked as a developer for a few days. However, affection for his village and family resulted in him taking a decision to return. He decided to grow a type of guava which has become popular even in big cities across the country.

Neeraj was in Raipur in Chhattisgarh when he heard of this special type of guava. Looking at these big and beautiful guavas, he was greatly tempted to eat them. Thus, he decided to grow them back in his village and immediately began creating a plan for it.

Over seven acres of his farmland, Neeraj planted 1,900 of these guavas, the seeds for which he bought from Raipur. Though it involved high expenses, he was determined to grow this crop.

Now, his plants have begun giving fruits and one of the trees has yielded nearly 50 kg of guavas. These guavas are so huge that they cannot be consumed by just one person alone.

Neeraj adds foam on the plants using external techniques to protect them from rain, storms, and diseases. He covers the plants with polythene and paper to regulate the temperature once they grow bigger.

Neeraj provides the plants with organic nutrition instead of chemical manure, making these jumbo guavas even healthier. To resolve water issues, he built a pond near the farm. The pond receives its water from the nearby canal and the water collected is used for irrigation whenever needed.

Rather than selling these fruits at marketplaces, he sells them online. He delivers to any location, whether it is Delhi or Chandigarh, once a bulk order is placed.

He created a company called Door Next Farm to carry out the transactions. The guavas are delivered within 48 hours of the order being placed. An interesting fact about guavas is that they can be grown in summer as well as winter. Neeraj sells his guavas for up to Rs 500 per kg.

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