5 yoga asanas to reduce work-related back pain


Staring at the screen for hours with a stiff back is one of the main reasons most working women these days suffer lower back pain.

There are certain yogic asanas that have been handed down to us by our ancestors that help in relieving back pain. To self-heal, below are five asana that will help you with the process.

Samastiti Asana:

Time: 3- 5 minutes

Samastiti Asana helps you calm your consciousness and energy. Mind is triggered by back ache, due to which you will not be able to heal immediately. In order to regain concentration and to be relieved of the back pain, we should practice Samastiti Asana. This asana will enable the pain to disperse from the point of severe ache to other points.


Start with the big toes touching and toes spread and separated squeezing into the ground. Your weight should be equally dispersed over your feet.

Draw in your thigh muscles lifting the kneecaps up. Tuck the tailbone under and the midriff in. Roll the shoulders back to open the chest, and arms by the sides, fingers indicating the floor, palms in and somewhat far from the legs.

The jaw should to be parallel to the floor and your eye to the front. Make an effort to stretch through the spine.




Time: 3 sets, 5 counts

Bhujangasana is specifically designed for relief from back pain. This asana is simple yet very useful for back issues. This asana should be practised with care as it is not suggested to exceed 15 degree angle. If you have extra fat in your stomach, then speak to your instructor and extend slightly above 15 degrees.


Lay on your stomach. Place your hands alongside your body and ensure that your toes touch each other. Slowly, move your hands to the front, ensuring they are at the shoulder level, and place your palms on the floor. Setting your body's weight on your palms, breathe in and raise your head and trunk. Note that your arms should be twisted at your elbows at this stage.

You have to curve your neck in reverse trying to repeat the cobra with the raised hood. In any case, ensure your shoulder bones are firm, and your shoulders are far from your ears. Press your hips, thighs, and feet to the floor.

Triyak Bhujangasana

Triyak Bhujangasana

Time- 3 sets, 5 counts on each side

Tiryaka Bhujangasana is a variation of Bhujangasan and a different asana altogether. This asana is useful for reversing postural imperfections and severe back pain. Bhujanga implies cobra or a serpent and asana implies a stance. Tiryaka Bhujangasana is useful for the adaptability of the spine and fortifies the arms and shoulders.


Follow the instructions for bhujangasana except your arms will be noticeably straight.

Hold the position for a few moments. Your navel ought to be near the ground. Now inhale, turn your head from right to front and left and exhale. Do this for five times on each side.


Salabhasana - Basic series 1

Time: 1 set, 5 counts

Salabhasana is extraordinary compared to other yoga postures for learners as it is a basic 'backbend asana'. The term Salabhasana is a blend of the words 'shalabh' (the Sanskrit word for insect or grasshopper) and asana (which means posture). Salabhasana reinforces the vertebral section, legs, and stretches the muscles of the shoulders, thigh, and guts.


Basic series 1

Lie on your tummy with your arms at the edges of your middle. Your palms should look up and your brow should lean against the floor. Turn your huge toes toward each other to deep down pivot your thighs, and firm your glutes with the goal that your tailbone presses toward your pelvis. Breathe out and lift your head, upper middle, arms, and legs far from the floor. You will lay on your lower ribs, midsection, and the front of your pelvis.

Firm your buttocks and reach emphatically through your legs, first through your foot sole areas to stretch the muscles at the back of your legs, at that point through the base of your big toes. Keep your big toes turned towards each other. Raise your right arm first, relax, then raise your left arm and then move towards the legs.

Basic series 2

Salabhasana - Basic series 2

Follow the steps from series 1

Firm your buttocks and reach emphatically through your legs, first through your foot sole areas to stretch the muscles at the back of your legs, at that point through the bases of your big toes. Keep your big toes turned towards each other. Raise your arms parallel to the floor and extend back effectively through your fingertips. Envision there's a weight pushing down on the backs of your upper arms, and push up toward the roof against this protection. Press your shoulder bones solidly into your back. Look forward or marginally upward, being mindful so as not to expand your jaw forward and crunch the back of your neck.

Keep the base of your skull lifted and the back of your neck long. Remain for 30 seconds to one minute in this position and afterwards let go of it with an exhalation. Take a couple of breaths and repeat a couple of times.

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