Looking for a leg-up in digital marketing? Start by getting these certifications


Marketing as a process has existed for over a millennium, with the word first finding a reference in 16th-century dictionaries. In its 19th-century form, marketing was defined as the commercial activity of buying and selling a product or service. Moving to the present, the definition of marketing has seen a substantial makeover, and many owe it to the dawn of social media. In a time where trends and pattern change at unforeseeable whims, keeping yourself abreast with the relevant and marketable skillset is an absolute necessity. In the case of a marketer, digital marketing knowledge is all but expected, given that brands are fighting for digital real estate like never before.

So lapping up a few certification courses will not only look fancy on your resume but also keep you ahead in the race. A recognised certification acts as proof of your prowess and stamps credibility all over your CV. We list out a few digital marketing certification courses that you can add to your arsenal.

HootSuite Certification

Social media management platform HootSuite offers social media managers a tailor-made certification course for their product. The online exam is marked at $199 and involves 60 questions, which will test your knowledge of the core principles of social media marketing. Hootsuite even provides a free tutorial for its social marketing training course. The video format tutorials cover everything from creating a social media strategy and optimising your social profiles to creating and sharing effective social content and effective social media ads.

Hubspot’s Inbound certification

The Inbound certification has classes that cover topics like SEO, blogging, email marketing, social media marketing, etc. You need to get 45 questions right out of 60 to get the certificate. There are more than a lakh marketers who are certified with this, a proof of the popularity of this certification. The certification’s methodology is all about converting strangers into customers and brand advocates. You can watch each course sequentially, take the time to complete the short quizzes, and even read the transcripts of the video if you are more of a ‘text’ person.

Bing Ads certification

Though Google reigns supreme as the most preferred search engine, Bing has seen a resurgence. As it takes the mantle of being the default search engine for Apple’s Siri and Amazon assistant devices, many are calling it the comeback kid. Keeping the recent turn of events in mind, the free certification course offered by Bing would definitely come in handy for all digital marketers. Bing even provides a fundamental guide to search engine marketing, search advertising campaign and optimization, and managing your budget.

Video Marketing with YouTube Certification

In 2017, the global video content consumption increased by a fifth. It’s safe to say that we are not watching but rather devouring video content. As everybody likely knows, YouTube is the biggest aggregator of video content on the web. Since video marketing is going to continue being relevant for years to come, wouldn’t it be frugal to get a YouTube certification in the nitty-gritty of the segment? The certification, valid for 18 months, can help you learn the ins and outs of channel creation, growth, and monetization.

Google Analytics

This is easily one of the most popular tools that you can use to measure your visitors. Google wants you to use data sets that the tool creates to create informed decisions for your business. In fact, knowing GA is more of a qualification than a certification because most businesses expect someone to be well-versed with this tool when they hire a digital marketer. It’s a free course, and to pass, you need to take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) test. You need to pass with a score of 80 percent and take the exam every 18 months if you want to renew your certification.

Facebook Blueprint certification

A certificate that is recognized officially by Facebook, it helps you stay updated with Facebook’s advertising and best practices. Professionals can use two certifications that FB provides – Facebook Certified Planning Professional and Facebook Certified Buying Professional. You have to achieve a passing score of 700 or higher on both of these. The test lasts for 75 minutes and you can take proctored exams at home, office, or at a Pearson testing centre. Facebook’s website says that it costs equivalent to $150 USD and the actual exam fee will be displayed during the checkout process.

Content Marketing University certification

This certification is geared towards content marketing and it has more than 30 hours in its curriculum. It talks about a plethora of areas like connecting with the audience, finding different channels to market the content, converting the leads that you get, measuring the leads, planning, and the entire process that you need to create a content marketing plan. It gives you a firm foundation in content marketing. A lot of companies these days do produce content but are at a loss as to how to market them to the right audience. This certification will give you the skills and knowledge you need. Its cost is $995 USD.

These are some of the top certifications that your employers would love to see you have. Other certifications that will add value to your repertoire are HubSpot’s Content Marketing certification, Optimizely certification, and Marketo Specializations. While some of the courses we have mentioned might be a little expensive, if your employer can cover the charges, these are worth having. These certifications can certainly affect your standing in the digital marketing world.