Google introduces 3 new photography apps


Google has introduced three photography apps which are part of a new series that it has dubbed as photography "appsperiments".

"We're launching the first installment of a series of photography appsperiments: Usable and useful mobile photography experiences built on experimental technology. Our 'appsperimental' approach was inspired in part by 'Motion Stills'," the company wrote in a research blog late on Monday.

"'Motion Stills' is an app developed by researchers that converts short videos into cinemagraphs and time lapses using experimental stabilisation and rendering technologies," Google added.

The new photography applications are "Storyboard" (available on Android only), "Selfissimo!" (available on iOS and Android) and "Scrubbies" (available on iOS only).

Source: Flickr

The "Storyboard" app takes video clips and automatically pulls out six frames that it lays out in a comic book-style template.

"Selfissimo!" is an automated selfie photographer that snaps a black and white photograph each time the user poses.

"Scrubbies" lets the user easily manipulate the speed and direction of video playback to produce video loops that highlight actions, capture funny faces and replay moments.

The tech giant has also urged users to try out the new apps and provide feedback via the in-app feedback links.

'LIKE' awarded best entertainment app on Google Play Store

The 'LIKE' app, developed by Singapore-based BIGO Technology Pvt Ltd, has been awarded the best entertainment app, best social app and also featured in the most popular app category on Google Play Store, the company has said.

LIKE was awarded as the best entertainment app in India and Indonesia and best social app in Mexico, Brazil and Latin America.

"It was a great compliment and recognition for BIGO's global strategy and remarkable achievement," Aaron Wei, spokesperson, 'LIKE' app, said in a statement.

The app has unique 3D features and has 20 million registered users in 187 countries. It also topped Google charts with millions of downloads in the shortest span of time.

"In the future, LIKE app will keep promoting the elaborate operation of overseas markets through technological breakthroughs and innovations. Meanwhile, the app will bring more convenient and interesting short video editing method to global users," Wei added.



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