LG distributes AI development tools to all divisions


In a bid to speed up the release of new products equipped with the latest technology, LG Electronics on Tuesday said that it has distributed its Artificial Intelligence (AI) development platform to all business divisions.

Artificial intelligence

The AI development platform, called "DeepThinQ 1.0", will help researchers to easily apply deep-learning technologies to electronics products, Yonhap News Agency reported.

"Products based on the "DeepThinQ" platform will transmit various kinds of information to cloud servers, and will become smarter as time passes, as they can educate themselves," the company said in a statement.

"The 'DeepThinQ' AI platform has been evolving based on the data gathered from AI-powered home appliances and other commercial robots."

The announcement came a week after the company introduced the new AI brand named ThinQ, which will be used in all LG AI-powered products.

LG said the "DeepThinQ" platform supports voice and video recognition, as well as other top-notch AI technologies, which can potentially be applied to all products from home appliances to mobile devices in the future.

The South Korean tech major has been making various efforts to commercialise AI technologies, including deploying a guidance robot at the Incheon International Airport here.

The robot, which speaks Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese, provides visitors with the locations of facilities and shops.


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