New to branding on Snapchat? Here’s what you need to do to ace it


From quirky photos to candid videos, Snapchat has turned the social media marketing game on its head. For a brand looking to make a mark on the social media circuit, Snapchat could be the perfect solution. Thanks partly to its unique storytelling feature, Snapchat records 60 million users daily and its global user base is around the 180 million mark. It’s little wonder then that brands work overtime to leverage the platform’s immense reach and appeal. If your brand isn’t on Snapchat yet, it’s about time you get on the bandwagon.

In fact, we will guide you through your journey into exploring the photo-sharing application. Keep these tips in mind to get your Snapchat game on cue.

Image: Pexels

Catchy, quirky content

First things first – Snapchat users thrive on creative and eye-grabbing content. The ‘snappier’ your stories, the faster your user base will grow. Since the stories have a short duration, time is of the essence, and this will put your creatives juices to the test.

Providing exclusive content will generate the traffic your brand needs. It is an organic way of promoting your brand when cross-promotion isn’t a viable option for you. As your subscriber base grows, so will collaborations with influencers.

Tease your audience

Look at any major brands using the app and you’ll notice that instead of shoving their product at users, they use it to release teasers. What this does is create instant curiosity and buzz around the product. For example, Taco Bell, one of the early adopters of the platform, releases teasers for most of its products on Snapchat. 

So use Snapchat stories while promoting a new or existing product; this will definitely help you get traction for both your brand and your product.

Post consistently

Since Snapchat is in vogue right now, it is all the more important for entrepreneurs to strike the iron while it’s hot. One way of doing so is by maintaining consistency. Post regularly and at regular intervals to ensure the most amount of engagement with your audience. Two or three posts a day should work the best.

Strict no to rehashing

Just like one size does not fit all, one post might not work on different social media platforms. Hence, try to avoid repurposing content from other social media platforms to Snapchat and vice-versa. Instead, work towards creating tailormade content that sits in place with the needs of each individual social media platform.

‘Snap’ live events

For a generation which went bonkers on #YOLO, snapping live content will definitely hit the mark. Your content can get an immense boost if it is picked up by Snapchat’s Live Story section.

Putting out live snaps on Snapchat allows your audience to connect with the team and get an insider look into the company’s more human aspect. Millennial users love exclusivity and seek to know what’s going on within the company. Live Snapchat stories offer both in a perfect combo. 

Run contests

The platform is all about engagement and being interactive, and what’s more interactive or engaging than #SnapContests? These activities keep your handle relevant and allow you to gauge the kind of traffic and response you get from users. So run bi-weekly contests and throw in a few merchandise as gifts. Before you know it, users will flock to your account for freebies and interactive contests.

Post product tutorials

Look at brands like Tarte, Maybelline, or Kylie Cosmetics. They showcase their products by making creative snippets of makeup tutorials that are unique to their profile itself. You can also try your hand at releasing tutorials if your product fits the criteria needed.

Given that Snapchat’s average user age tends to range from 18-34, the platform is definitely a must for brands who are looking to connect with a young and social media-savvy crowd.