Find out what the next big thing in mobile tech is at the Qualcomm Innovation Forum


There's a way to do it better—find it: Thomas Edison

Every single time we use our smartphones, we get to experience the essential innovation which Qualcomm brings to all its offerings. With its flagship product, the ubiquitous chipset that’s efficiently powering a majority of smartphones today, the telco equipment major is an invisible presence, making a difference in the lives of people across the world.

Qualcomm was built on the spirit of innovation. “We believe an idea can spark a change, transforming the world in extraordinary new ways. For us, collaboration is the key to igniting that spark. Our inventions are the foundation of so many of the incredible advancements that are part of our wireless world today—from smartphones to tablets, to cameras and cars and homes. And every day, we are inspired to discover what comes next on the road to invention,” the company has stated.

Qualcomm’s continued focus on research and development and innovation takes on several forms, such as an innovation fellowship and a design challenge that encourage out of the box thinking. One such initiative is the Qualcomm Innovation Forum, a day-long event that seeks to celebrate and showcase innovations developed by Qualcomm and its partners, both in India and abroad, that are enabling current and future technologies.

This year, the event is being held on December 12 in Bengaluru. A number of informative and interesting sessions by leading innovators and trendsetters from the industry as well as from within the Qualcomm leadership team, will offer the audience a chance to get insights into various aspects of innovation, and what it means for the company, the country and society as a whole.

Kicking off proceedings is a session by K Ganesh, Chairman of Portea Medical on Powering the Indian Innovation Story -- The End of the Era of Jugaad.

Following this, a series of keynotes from senior Qualcomm executives will offer the audience members an insight into how the company’s products are influencing both current and future tech-related trends. Larry Paulson, VP and President, Qualcomm India will deliver a keynote about Investing in Innovation - The India Story, while Jim Tran, SVP-Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, will deliver a keynote on how Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platforms are Powering the Next Gen User Experience.

Sudeepto Roy, VP-Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, will deliver a keynote on Qualcomm Products Fuelling Global Smartphone Markets, while Seshu Madhavapeddy, VP-Product Management, Qualcomm, will deliver a keynote on Qualcomm Technology Vision of an 5G/IoT Future, which will include a Technology Launch by a Qualcomm partner.

This year’s Qualcomm Innovation Forum is part of the 8th edition of the company’s annual Qbuzz conference, a two-day event with the motto ‘accelerating business through product innovation’. The event also features a demo floor and Innovation Showcase.


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