This fourth grader's resolve to not go to school till a toilet was built inside her house pays off


While most children make demand for chocolates or goodies from their parents, fourth grader Shweta Rangari has surprised people by demanding a toilet to be constructed in the house. She refused to go to school till her wish is fulfilled, motivating her father to get a toilet built within a week.

Image Source: Youth Ki Awaaz

Hailing from Yavatmal’s Indarathana district in Maharashtra, Shweta studies at the Indrathana ZP school. As part of her education, Shweta was handed over a book that spreads awareness about the ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’. The book contained information regarding cleanliness and hygiene.

The book had a calendar along with a questionnaire. The primary school students were expected to fill the questionnaire on a daily basis. The columns were diligently filled by Shweta as well, but the first column ‘using toilet’ remained blank.

While speaking with My Medical Mantra, she said,

There were various programmes organised under ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. In the drawing competition, we were asked to draw a toilet’s picture, which is located inside or outside the house. How would I draw, since there was no toilet in my house? So, I refused to go to school till the time there is a toilet constructed in the house.

On realising Shweta was not attending school for days, the teachers began wondering about her. When they asked the girl, she explained her reasons.

Seeing his daughter's firm resolve, Shweta's father got a toilet constructed within a week. Despite being a daily wage labourer, her father found it hard to crush her wishes and got the toilet built immediately. According to Youth Ki Awaaz, her father said,

I asked her why she is not going to school. She replied that she wouldn’t go to school till I constructed a toilet. And so I had to!

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