6 startups selected as part of Airbus BizLab’s acceleration programme


The applications were reviewed on the basis of business concept, level of innovation, scalability and potential to solve real-life problems in aviation.

Six startups were selected out of 140 applications from seven countries in the third batch of the Airbus BizLab's acceleration programme. The programme is designed not only for aerospace startups but also encourages ones with innovative, new-age solutions that can be adapted for the aviation sector. This includes data analytics, artificial intelligence, factories of the future, smart energy, cybersecurity, supply chain, blockchain, space tech, urban air mobility, among others.

“Apart from the acceleration programme for the selected startups, the BizLab in India has formed a community of over 2,300 startups from India, Southeast Asia and Israel. We would be actively engaging with the community to share challenges and identify more innovative startups to work with. We truly believe that the start-up ecosystem in India is one of the most promising around the world and are excited by some of the ongoing projects at the BizLab in Bengaluru,” said Bruno Gutierres, Global Head-Airbus BizLab.

The applications were reviewed on the basis of business concept, level of innovation, scalability and potential to solve real-life problems in aviation.

Bruno Gutierres, Head of Airbus BizLab

The six startups selected are:

ZASTI: ZASTI’s deep learning algorithm is trained for pattern identification and tuned for aerospace and other verticals such as healthcare, insurtech, oil and gas and greentech. It enables actionable analysis of a wide array of data (image, sound etc) from multiple data sources. This enables ZASTI to be used for wide-ranging applications, from predictive maintenance in aviation to early detection of blindness in healthcare.

Orxa Energies: It develops performance electric vehicles and associated e-transportation technologies. It believes that battery swap will be a key enabler to the swift electrification of transport. Orxa is in discussions with fleet-operators for their electrification, and is also working on deploying its technology in aerospace.

Airpix Geoanalytics: Their solution is a solar-powered Low Altitude, Long Endurance (LALE) Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) system which combines the low cost, portability and mission flexibility of small UAS with long endurance and reliability of Medium Altitude, Long Endurance (MALE) UAS. The intended applications are Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and remote sensing.

CATS Global: CATS is one of the few companies enabling light as a single sensor that monitors real-time all parameters for environment (pollution, weather, hydrodynamic signatures), condition and vibration monitoring (movement, force, acceleration, displacements, flow, records sound etc.), structural health monitoring (buildings, bridges, aircraft etc.), security and surveillance and exhaled breath analysis.

Block Armour: Block Armour is focused on harnessing the potential of emerging technologies such as blockchain to counter growing cybersecurity challenges in bold new ways. Block Amour delivers Blockchain Defined Perimeter (BDP) - a next-gen cybersecurity solution to secure critical enterprise systems and IoT communications. Using private permissioned blockchain and TLS technology, Block Armour delivers an enhanced Software-Defined Perimeter, rendering critical systems/cloud servers invisible, thereby making it near impossible for hackers to discover and attack, while providing a secure communication channel for legitimate users.

Hindustan Magnesium: It provides light-weight solutions to Automotive, Aerospace and Defense sectors through innovation in Design and Engineering using new-generation magnesium alloys.

After the successful culmination of the second season of Airbus BizLab in Bengaluru, one of the startups specialising in Procurement Analytics, NEEWEE has signed a contract with the Airbus plant in Hamburg for building early warning and risk monitoring systems for a better visibility for Airbus on its supply chain. This has the potential to become an end-to-end solution for Airbus, starting from the procurement stage, right up to the final assembly line stage. Other startups are also expected to sign partnership agreements shortly to see their projects become a reality.

The Airbus BizLab is a global aerospace accelerator bringing together startups and Airbus’ own entrepreneurs to transform innovative ideas into valuable businesses more quickly. Besides Bengaluru, Airbus BizLab has got facilities in Toulouse (France) and Hamburg (Germany).


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