Live the resort life every day in your own home – here’s how


Touristy beaches and happening party places on one hand, and secret backwaters, lush countryside, and lazy rivers on the other. Adventure sports as well as spiritual retreats. Continental breakfast and vindaloo. Destination weddings and a wanderlust’scomfort zone. The contrasting combination of culture, cuisine, landscape and lifestyle makes Goa truly unique. Its identity is a combination of two distinct worlds and goes deeper beyond the popular tourist designation tag.

And, unlike many other villages or small towns which have limited avenues for work and lack basic modern amenities, Goa allows its people to live a cosmopolitan life, grow professionally and, at the same time, enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.

It is this quality that makes Goa so attractive to jaded urban professionals who have had their fill of the traffic snarls, pollution, increasing cost of living, and the fast-paced city life, with little time to truly relax. 

A growing favourite with startups too

People from all walks of life across India are beginning to call Goa home. While some bring their jobs with them and work remotely, others have taken the plunge and started working on their dream projects. Not surprisingly, Goa is evolving as a keen startup founders’ destination.

In fact, the early entrants that made Goa their base when the startup scene was still nascent have shown that growth is possible like in a big city. Startups like Fleetrover – enterprise software for fleet management, Browntape – a cloud-based platform for multi-channel online sales, and Beard Design, a design studio, are local heroes. There are also a whole host of other startups, both in technology and other sectors – LawMate, for instance, helps startups with legal compliance.

Goa also has a close-knit and supportive startup ecosystem. While organisations such as the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Goa Entrepreneurs Mentoring Services organise mentoring sessions for SMEs, 91Springboard, eChai and several other groups are working together to enable startups to build their network, grow their business and co-learn with the community.

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You won’t miss the fast life

Of course, there are challenges and sacrifices to be made when families or professionals decide to uproot themselves from their comfort zones and make a fresh start. But these are small when compared to the advantages. Dattaraj Desai, an investment consultant who moved to Goa after spending more than a decade in Mumbai, would endorse this. When he decided to become an entrepreneur a year ago, it was Goa he chose as his new headquarters.

Dattaraj says,

“Being an entrepreneur, there is always so much work to do every single day. That said, I still find time to indulge in leisurely activities. I get to go the gym, meet a friend, or just enjoy a leisurely walk. I don’t have to wait for the weekend to do these little things I enjoy. This is in sharp contrast to my life in the city. No doubt it’s the city that helped me move up the corporate ladder. But, I couldn’t afford time for anything beyond work because of the long commute and the fast-paced life.”
Live your dream life at a fraction of the cost

If you are looking to reboot your life in Goa, it only makes sense to invest in good property. And, there are plenty of options to choose from – from swanky villas to budget homes to gated communities. One such property is the Rio-De Goa, a project by TATA Housing. What makes this an ideal choice is that this expansive project is situated in South Goa near the Goa International Airport, Vasco railway station and the Zuari river. With a centrally located active green zone, open air dining, rooftop yoga deck, meditation terrace, exercise terrace, clubhouse sauna, and a rooftop infinity pool, you get to experience the Goan resort life, every single day.

Working on a dream project, spending quality time with loved ones and doing the things you enjoy the most -- don’t you want this to be your life? Wouldn’t you want to call this place your home?

There’s never been a better time than now to go out and make it happen.

Check out the Rio De Goa, a TATA Housing project, and get ready to experience a life that surpasses your expectations.


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