This girl built a robot to teach children, to open robotics lab in school


It is said that if children are taught something in a playful manner, they retain those learnings for life. Bengaluru’s Akanksha Anand is working on developing a robot that teaches certain concepts to children in a fun way.

A resident of Bengaluru, Akanksha hails from the capital city of Bihar, Patna. She completed her engineering education from Bengaluru, and then worked in an IT company for two years. After this, she got associated with Sirena Technologies, and started working in its robotic department.

Hariharan Bojan, CEO of Sirena Technologies, aims to build a robot that can make learning easier for children. The Karnataka government is also supporting and encouraging his effort towards achieving this goal.

One of the goals of building this robot is to teach children everything from dancing, to playing games, to few educational concepts, in an innovative and unique fashion. This innovative method will invoke interest in children towards variety of activities. Akanksha says that her team is working towards bringing this concept to government schools. She hopes that this will attract more students to attend school, and enjoy studies.

Though most robots built in India use wheels to move around, the robot built by Akanksha uses its legs. She did a thorough research on this, and even visited countries like China and Taiwan to understand this. During her visit, she realised that young children there are into robotics. This led her to wonder why the same is not happening in India, and decided to work towards changing that.

Since Akanksha is from Bihar, she wants to initiate this model there first, and give a new life to the overall educational system. Nearly Rs 10-15 lakh was utilised to build the robot of height two feet. The robot, which can dance and talk, has been named Nino, and can be controlled using an app or voice command system.

Till now, Akanksha has built a humanoid robot, robotic arm, automobile kit, and pet robot, among others. Sirena Technologies's primary aim is to digitise the education system across the country, and is consistently working towards this goal.

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