With #BornToRun, Sneha Mehta is all set to make a difference in the lives of the differently-abled


Through the campaign, Sneha Mehta, the founder of Kukoon The Label, tries to give every amputee the opportunity to regain their individuality and bring out the true essence of their lives.

If you are someone clued in on the fashion scene, it is hard to miss Kukoon The Label. Launched in 2014, Kukoon boasts of pioneering many fashion trends--the cape, for example. “While the silhouette has always been present, we brought a lot of quirkiness to it, like embellished sleeves, which was well received by Bollywood and became a national sensation,” says Sneha Mehta, the brain behind the label. A western aesthetic brand, Kukoon The Label has managed to make a splash in the fashion scene in India and countries like London, Dubai, Singapore and Kuwait with its unique approach to fashion in this small time frame.

Having pursued marketing management studies, Sneha began her professional career at the globally esteemed Prime Group. Kukoon’s individuality springs from the many travels that she has done around the world in pursuit of unique fashion. “Having seen the world through so many eyes, I thought of bringing together all the inspiration that I’ve gathered and brought to life Kukoon The Label,” Sneha says.

With the clothes priced between Rs 10000-Rs 35000, Kukoon has a store in Noida. Available online in India at Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop and Kukoon’s own website, the label is now a wardrobe necessity for the well-heeled in the country.

The brand is now once again making news with a unique campaign titled #BornToRun to change the perception around disabilities and prosthesis.

Who doesn’t like to look fashionable these days? But is that possible if you have lost a limb? The #BornToRun campaign initiative by Kukoon The Label in association with the International Society for Human Welfare and Rehabilitation (ISHWAR), a non-profit humanitarian organisation dedicated to serving the needs of the physically challenged and the economically weaker sections of the society, wants to say to the society and the amputees that it is certainly possible to live a normal life even if you are dependent on prosthesis for mobility. Through the campaign, Kukoon The Label tries to give every amputee the opportunity to regain their individuality and bring out the true essence of their lives.

Naturally, you would be wondering if fashion is what a differently abled person needs when they are fighting for even the basic rights in the country. Well, Sneha says #BornToRun is more of a platform to bring like-minded people together and to connect the differently abled with those who genuinely want to make a difference in their lives. “The event is open for all. People from all walks of life will be present to appreciate the initiative,” says Sneha.

To begin with, the campaign will have a fashion presentation showcasing Kukoon The Label’s ultra-glam limited edition collection. Walking the ramp would be models who have lost their limbs in unfortunate accidents, along with other models.

“The event is to applaud the indomitable spirit of the fighters and to generate awareness and support to them,” she says. “Everyone is born to achieve something in their lives. You know when you feel good, you do good. Wearing good clothes certainly makes people feel good. We hope it gives amputees the confidence to achieve what they are born to achieve,” she adds.

The fashion show will be conducted in Delhi; the dates and venue are yet to be decided. Sneha believes that the show will prove to the world that prosthesis, along with its obvious use, could be worn as a stylish accessory and can be made part of one’s individual style.

While there are many responsible brands, Sneha says Kukoon stands out from the crowd for its commitment to the society. According to her, the brand has taken pride in giving back to the society that has given the label so much recognition.

“Some brands have a more conscious approach towards things like these and entering into that space where giving is more important becomes a personal choice. Our idea has always been about giving back to society and if you are earning something--you should always be ready to give it back to where it's coming from and in the best way possible. Making people learn might not be important at this stage but the understanding of something like this is very important, and what better than giving back to someone or something that indirectly or directly brings more power to you,” she signs off.




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