This 20-year-old developed device that lets one control electricity at home from anywhere


There is no dearth of talent in our country. What is needed is a little guidance and support in the form of resources for miracles to happen. One often hears of inspiring stories where someone developed an extraordinary device with limited resources. Twenty-year-old Roshan Gupta, from Mau in Uttar Pradesh, has achieved a similar feat.

With only three days of continuous hard work, Roshan (left) was able to build an automation device.

Using only Rs 900, Roshan has developed a device that can be used to control electricity at home from anywhere. Using that device, one can control any electrical equipment at home by switching it on or off. This device can prove to be a huge step in the direction of saving electricity.

Roshan does not come from an affluent background: his father runs a small store that repairs electronic equipment, while his mother is a homemaker, and he has three siblings.

He desired to pursue an engineering degree but had to let go his dream because of financial situation at home. Now Roshan is pursuing polytechnic or diploma engineering. He soon realised what he wanted to do. He then interacted with a few seniors who really inspired him.

Roshan once saw his seniors in college controlling power using Bluetooth for a project. When he saw his seniors controlling anything with simple Bluetooth, it inspired him to do something similar. He then came up with an idea to build a device that can be used to control electricity from anywhere.

Roshan had done a basic computer programming course during schooling. After making a decision to build the device, he started working on sharpening his knowledge in computer programming. After gaining all prerequisite knowledge, he bought the necessary equipment to build the device.

With only three days of continuous hard work, Roshan was able to build an automation device. He used a programming board, relay, mobile charger socket, wires, electronic socket, and plastic board for the work, which cost him only Rs 900.

Roshan said that one first takes a programming board, and connects the digital pin it into a switch. Thereafter, one connects the relay with the socket, and after all connections have been made, one uploads the program in a micro-controller with the help of computer. While uploading the program, one also needs to feed an ID and password.

Once this is done, one needs to download a mobile app Blynk. One fills the ID and password, uploaded in the micro-controller, after opening the app. After filling the required details, the app begins searching, and the device gets connected to our mobile within two-three minutes.

Roshan says that one can control the electronic equipment at home from any corner of the world with the help of this device.

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