If you truly feel passion, give everything to it: Renu George, Founder, Gallery Time and Space


In this photo essay, we feature the creative works of the Society of Contemporary Artists, displayed at Gallery Time and Space in Bengaluru, and share art insights from the curator, Renu George.


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Located in a leafy section of Lavelle Road, Gallery Time and Space was founded in 1998 by art collector Renu George. She has a background in art, and has been active in theatre and writing. “Artists have always seen and continue to see things in a unique visual language,” she says, in a chat with YourStory.

There are differences in the way artists see, look, observe, and perceive. Art is a personal and social journey of life, she explains. Art can convey universal messages of harmony, peace, and the eternal environment. It shows multiple sides of the world, but Renu prefers to showcase the positive energy and kindness of art in her gallery.

Renu, a recipient of the Mantram Women Achievers Award in 2013, says modern society needs to contribute more and consume less. Messages of simplicity, sharing, and giving can be nurtured via art, she feels.

“Go stand in front of a work of art, without preconceived notions – and see and feel what it says to you,” she advises audiences. Art makes you aware of the feelings of others, even if you don’t approve of them. “Trust the person within. Observe your inner reaction to the outer world of the artist,” she adds.

There is a growing art community in India, anchored by curators and collectors. “If you truly feel the power of art, give everything to it. Devote your passion and your whole self to it,” she advises aspiring artists.

Future plans for the gallery include setting up an ecommerce website. This month, the gallery features the works of the Society of Contemporary Artists (SCA), which has been showcasing art for almost 60 years.

Titled Journey Envisioned, the exhibition includes art by Aditya Basak, Atanu Bhattacharya, Atin Basak, Ganesh Haloi, Bimal Kundu, Sanat Kar, Srikanta Paul, and others. In Part II of this photo essay, we will interview SCA secretary Akhil Chandra Das.

Now what have you done today to support local and national art communities?

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