AI, robots and the jobs fair(y): Book a ringside view as YourStory explores The Future of Work


We’ve all heard the doomsday scenarios.

The robots are coming for our jobs.

AI will take over the world.

If you’re not in tech, you can’t earn a living.

Run a search for “robots taking jobs”, and you’ll find a bunch of websites offering to tell you how susceptible your job is to be taken over by robots. And they’re dead serious about what they say, backing up their predictions with data. Automation has become a four-letter word. There are questions and more questions, and no clear answers.

So, we decided to dive right in and explore what the scenario is closer home.

Welcome to YourStory’s Future of Work conference – the first-of-its-kind gathering of technologists, entrepreneurs, researchers, hiring managers and corporate leaders to chase the debate and find some real answers.

The potential conquest of robots notwithstanding, our existing workforce finds itself at a crossroads as it stares at centuries-old systems getting dismantled. Cradle-to-grave jobs have been consigned to the annals of history. While it has become acceptable for folks to job-hop every few years, we are looking at a future where people will hop careers every decade or so. Today, a large chunk of the workforce doesn’t believe in being tied down to a job – specialists work on temp projects, fueling what is now called the ‘gig economy’.

These and other themes are up for debate on Friday, March 17, 2018, amid talks, discussions and some very targeted networking. Other questions we’ll explore include the following:

  • Which existing jobs will disappear? Where will new jobs be created?
  • Will AI replace workers or help them improve the work they do?
  • How can you regulate the on-demand economy?
  • Where will we work in the future?
  • What are the types of jobs being created by the latest tech breakthroughs in areas like cognitive computing
  • How to overcome future skills shortages and productivity issues (and the implications for your business)
  • What are the new set of leadership values to engage, inspire and motivate future generations?

The Future of Work conference itself will feature not just talks by people who are at the forefront of changes to the nature of work, but are also deeply involved in technological breakthroughs. Hiring managers will talk about their solutions around re-training the current workforce to meet future demands (and you can tap them to figure out what skill sets are in demand). You can also meet some pretty innovative solution providers onsite and discover how they can help you keep yourself up to date with employment demands across industries.

Stay tuned for more details on YourStory’s Future of Work Conference. In the meantime, head over to our event website to know more. And if you’re already intrigued, book your tickets here to get an early-bird rate today.

Friday, 17 March 2018 | Ritz-Carlton | Bengaluru

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