Join the YourStory Wellness Initiative, 'The Heartful Way to Leadership', on March 31 in Hyderabad


In the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world that CEOs and business leaders operate in, mentoring and coaching are critical. However, there are times when leaders must look inwards for answers to tough questions.

The Heartful Way to Leadership’, a YourStory wellness initiative, on March 31 at Kanha, Hyderabad, aims at transforming leaders and professionals from the inside out so that they see the world without the filters of their limitations.

The day-long wellness event, organised as a YourStory wellness initiative, will address questions like: Can meditation make a better leader? How can individuals and leaders make peace with their anxious minds? How can leaders translate the culture of mindfulness among team members and the organisation as a whole? What is the role of compassion in leadership?

Mindfulness and Heartfulness meditation, like physical exercise, is a daily practice and has the power to provide leaders with tools to negotiate the tricky bylanes of running a business and keeping their workforce motivated. Mindfulness, therefore, has a big role to play in leadership development.

Through his Heartfulness meditation, Kamlesh D Patel, also known as Daaji, provides leaders and professionals easy techniques that they can incorporate in their organisations to not only maximise productivity but also ensure holistic wellness.

In his recent book, ‘The Heartfulness Way,’ Daaji says, “To practise Heartfulness is to centre oneself at the core of one’s heart and find true meaning and contentment there.”


At ‘The Heartful Way to Leadership’ event, we look forward to a day of calm reflection and learning. Come, join us between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm on March 31 at Kanha, Hyderabad.

Here are a few topics that we will be discussing at the event.

  • Managing high ambition & high-stress jobs
  • Simplicity in complex situations
  • Role of compassion in leadership
  • Emotional intelligence to boost your influence
  • Managing chaos with composure

The event is brought to you by YourStory in association with The Heartfulness Way, and is free of cost. Register here to confirm your participation. Limited slots available. 



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