We're having the first-ever SheSparks Awards for women entrepreneurs! Apply today


“Little girls with dreams become women with vision.”

While we don’t know who made this awesome statement, the feeling it evokes is all too familiar. It resonates with women all over the world and across ages.

Today, as leaders of multi-billion companies, entrepreneurs who are redefining innovative solutions, authors who are rewriting history, policy makers who are changing the country, role models who are inspiring a new generation to think big but stay compassionate, women are truly changing the world. And, India is no exception.

While some do have the opportunity to voice their ambitions, and showcase their leadership, many others are silently but constantly stirring up a positive revolution of sorts, albeit in their own simple ways. And, we at YourStory, would describe all these women as trailblazers, disruptors, motivators, and change makers. In short, we are all wonder woman.


If you believe you are a wonder woman, if you believe you are a change maker, a leader, making a difference, either in business or social causes, apply for YourStory SheSparks 2018 Awards.


For nearly 10 years, we have consciously told stories of such inspiring Indian women and we will continue to do so.

But, what we would also like to do is celebrate and applaud women as the powerhouses we are. We are strong, resilient, compassionate. We are nothing less than phenomenal. And, we are taking the first step in that direction through SheSparks Awards 2018.

SheSparks Awards 2018 is a salute to emerging women entrepreneurs, who are making an impact on the nation’s business and social spheres. The Awards evening will celebrate the Indian women who are creating and executing scalable solutions with the potential to create lasting impact on the world around them.

If you believe you are one such woman, doing impactful work in the areas of Fashion and Lifestyle, Fintech and Financial Inclusion, Skilling and Training, Food and Beverages, Ed Tech, Health Tech, Folk Arts and Crafts, Miscellaneous Services, Consumer Internet, Wellness and Beauty, Travel and Hospitality, you could be a winner at the first-ever SheSparks Awards.

The application criteria for the awards are simple. Any woman entrepreneur with a business registered no later than January 2017 can apply for the awards. The entrepreneur/applicant must be working with the company at the time of the application. More importantly, you can apply for more than one category.

Apply for SheSparks Awards 2018 right away.

“Women are leaders everywhere you look, from a CEO to a housewife that holds together a home.”
-Denise Clark

This quote is absolutely true. But, we think there are women who do both, they shoulder the responsibilities of leading the boardroom meeting and also ensure comfort of their families, with equal panache. We believe these mompreneurs are nothing less than superheroes. We have a special award for mompreneurs brought to you by PregaNews.

If you are mompreneur, pat yourself, and check the mompreneur category and apply for the SheSparks Awards 2018.

And we hope this simple gesture, this opportunity, this platform, will encourage more women to give wings to their dreams and chase it with an unstoppable force.

The Awards evening will be a confluence of startup founders, CXOs, investors/VCs, business owners and social champions, pre-dominantly women, but nevertheless ardent believers that “women can and women will.”

At SheSparks 2018, you will get to know some amazing women, their work, and also get to be part of conversations and talks that will throw insights and give you a fresh perspective on women entrepreneurs in India.

Join us as we celebrate and champion women leaders and their work.

Date: 6.30 pm onwards on Friday, March 9, 2018, New Delhi

Do register for SheSparks 2018, a wonderful evening of inspiring stories and an opportunity to explore the potential of our new generation of women entrepreneurs. Limited seats.

“As women, we must stand up for ourselves. We must stand up for each other.”

Let’s put Michelle Obama’s inspiring thought into action. It’s time we champion ourselves and others like us at SheSparks 2018.



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