GoDaddy migrating vast majority of its infrastructure to Amazon Web Services


Web hosting and domain registrar company, GoDaddy is migrating the majority of its infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). One of the most comprehensive cloud platforms and a subsidiary of Amazon, the e-commerce giant, AWS provides on-demand cloud computing to governments, companies and individuals on a paid subscription basis.

“GoDaddy will leverage the breadth and depth of AWS services—including machine learning, analytics, databases, and containers—to innovate faster than ever before and to meet the needs of its customer growth around the world. AWS will enable GoDaddy to accelerate the delivery of its products and services, and easily deploy them globally in minutes, to its customers worldwide,” shared AWS in a statement on its website.

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TechCrunch reported that the terms of the financial deal are not being disclosed but it won’t include domain management for the 75 million domains under GoDaddy.

What led GoDaddy to make this choice is the expertise and unmatched track record that AWS provides. Charles Beadnall, Chief Technology Officer at GoDaddy said in a statement, “As a technology provider with more than 17 million customers, it was very important for GoDaddy to select a cloud provider with deep experience in delivering a highly reliable global infrastructure, as well as an unmatched track record of technology innovation, to support our rapidly expanding business.

By operating on AWS GoDaddy feels it will be able to “innovate at the speed and scale we need to deliver powerful new tools that will help our customers run their own ventures and be successful online.”

At the moment both parties are looking forward to this deal. AWS is looking to collaborating with GoDaddy and provide them with new tools and solution to grow their business.

As Mike Clayville, Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales at AWS said,  “Our industry-leading services will enable GoDaddy to leverage emerging technologies like machine learning, quickly test ideas, and deliver new tools and solutions to their customers with greater frequency. We look forward to collaborating with GoDaddy as they build anew in the cloud and innovate new solutions to help people turn their ideas into reality online, added


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