Nine things to know about the Made In India engine-less semi-high speed train


Come June, and Indian Railways is set to roll out the engine-less semi-high speed train for inter-city travel. Capable of travelling at a speed of 160 km per hour, Train 18 - named after the year it is manufactured - is slated to eventually replace Shatabdi Express.

With state-of-the-art infrastructure, Train 18 will place the 'Make in India' initiative in the spotlight, a report by Financial Express said.

Source: DNA India

Here are the nine things to know about Train 18.

1. Manufactured at Integral Coach Factory in Chennai, the train will be completely 'Made in India', with its manufacturing cost half that of coaches that are imported.

2. The train will have executive and non-executive chair cars. While the seating capacity of executive chair cars will be 56 passengers, that of the non-executive chair car will be 78.

3. Sliding footrests and automatic doors will ensure safety of the passengers, and the coaches will be interconnected for easy movement.

4. The train will have wifi connectivity, will be GPS-enabled and also come equipped with entertainment facilities.

5. Rubber-on-rubber flooring, air conditioning, and energy-efficient LED lighting aim to make the train journey comfortable and safe.

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6. With a stainless steel car body, the train will have continuous windows, unlike existent windows.

7. The train set will be tested at speeds of 180 km per hour, though 160 km per hour will be the chosen speed.

8. Train 18 coaches will also have space to park wheelchairs.

9. The train will be fitted with zero discharge bio-vacuum toilets.

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