From paralysis to Everest base camp, this entrepreneur's uphill climb has one lesson: mind over mountain

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Mind over Mountain by author Hari Kumar is no ordinary book. It's a memoir of a journey that stands a testament of determination and courage. The author, whose life took a sudden pause after a paralytic attack, saw a ray of hope when he decided to chronicle his journey in this autobiography.

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A corporate trainer by profession, Hari's life was limited to training cabins and frequent flying until the day he was rushed to the hospital after a paralytic attack. After a daunting experience in the hospital, immobile and in immense pain, he craved to be back on his feet.

After a rigorous treatment, his body started to show improvement. In an interview with IANS, he says,

Those days of rehab have been the most tearful in my life, a result of both the sheer physical pain and the emotional rollercoaster I experienced. It was not a journey to getting back to normality. It was a journey of learning to adapt to the new reality and making the best of it.

His undeterred determination to trek through the Himalayas was often frowned upon by his family. But after many consulations with his doctor, Hari was all set to embark on his new journey. His book Mind over Mountain was not only his travelogue but a journey that shows the magnitude of mental strength.

Not letting his determination dip at any point, he took his pain as a challenge after his partial recovery and pushed himself to undertake the daunting task of trekking through the Himalayas. He was joined by four other friends, and he took off to Everest base camp. Through the freezing climate, Hari and his team marched towards their destination.

The book captures Hari's journey from a young successful trainer to a helpless paralytic. He uses management principles and ties them with real-life experience to present a thoughtful narrative. Hari is also named as one of the 'top 50 Indian entrepreneurs in the US' by Silicon India magazine and as ‘one of hottest young executives in India’ by Business Today reads the page of Konark Publications, the publication that brought his book out.

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