Born without arms, 19-year-old Pinchi Gogoi pushed past her physical disability to shine


Physically challenged since birth, Pinchi Gogoi was born with no arms. But the 19-year-old has not let anything deter her spirit, and has stood strong against all hardships. With a dream to become independent, she defied all odds and is now the in-charge of the ‘May I Help You’ desk at Nemcare Superspeciality Hospital in Guwahati.

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Pinchi's job enables her to serve a large number of people looking for proper healthcare information. She carries about with her day-to-day tasks like writing patient descriptions, making official calls, and other official talks, using her feet.

Pinchi’s life has been one full of struggles. She was initially denied admission in schools. It was only with the help of one of her relatives that she finally got an admission in a private institution in her hometown.

The struggle continued later on, as well. It was difficult getting admission for higher education in Guwahati as well, and credits her mother for helping her overcome all struggles.

While speaking with Time8, Nemcare Hospital’s Managing Director, Hitesh Baruah, said,

Despite her being specially abled, she manages her job as the in-charge for ‘May I Help You’ desk in Nemcare Superspeciality Hospital with such grace.

Apart from being adept at carrying out her professional skills, Pinchi can also sketch portraits using her feet.

Similarly, a 48-year-old artist from Lucknow, Sheela Sharma, regularly churns out artwork using her foot and her mouth. Despite losing her arms in an accident at the age of four, she taught herself to write as well as paint. While speaking about how she realised her passion, she told the Midday,

Once, when I was in school, I saw a person painting with his leg. That's when I realised that fine arts as a subject is not limited to the fully abled.

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