Meet 14-year-old Shubham, who is the world's second youngest android developer


Hailing from Thane in Maharashtra, 14-year-old Shubham Panchal recently cleared a certification programme offered by Google and Udacity (United States of America) to become the second youngest Associate Android Developer.

Image Source: Midday

The Associate Android Developer Certification Programme is an opportunity for Android developers across the globe to showcase their skills professionally.

Studying at Thane Police School, Shubham was introduced to the world of Android application development through a coding class. While coding can be intimidating for first-timers, he found it as an endless pool of opportunities.

According to the Mid-Day, Shubham says,

I think it was the joy of creating a useful mechanism and tinkering with a complex medium that fascinated me.

Shubham has developed 10 apps within a span of one year, and recently created a holistic app to ease data storage. With an aim to help store essential financial details such as account number, IFSC Code, and debit/credit card number, he hopes that the app would ease the transition to era of Aadhaar.

Shubam’s father, who is passionate about computers himself, works at a steel manufacturing unit, and his mother is a homemaker. However, since neither of them had a background in computer programming, he had to resolve most of the problems he encountered on his own.

As per the story shared by Shubham on Medium, he said,

I started learning coding from YouTube and ever helpful Stack Overflow. They helped me whenever I faced any errors or complications in my Java programming. As I was not aware of exam procedure, Mr Jeffy Lazar, a Senior Associate Android developer, guided me about the exam procedure which meant to be very helpful for me.

After researching intensively on the internet, Shubham was presented with two opportunities — one was Oracle’s Java Associate Developer Exam, and the other was Google’s Associate Android Developer Exam. Since he was new to Java, he decided to take the examination offered by Google.

Shubham is now busy studying and working on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and used the same to create a game application — Rock, Paper, Scissor. Now, he wishes to build a career for himself in AI in the future.

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