Toshiba unveils Windows-powered AR headset


Joining the eye-mounted wearables market, Japan's Toshiba Corporation has unveiled an Augmented Reality (AR) headset called "dynaEdge" with a mini Windows 10 Professional PC for the enterprises world.

"Meet Toshiba's 'dynaEdge' Mobile Mini PC -- the latest evolution from the mobile leader in B2B technology solutions. It's an ultra compact, full-performance computer that's ideal for any company seeking to modernise its workspaces," read the description on the company's website.

"Coming in a $1,899 package, the product essentially weds a Google Glass-like heads-up display from Vuzix and a tethered battery-powered Windows 10 PC with a 6th-gen Intel processor," TechCrunch reported late on Monday.

The AR headset fits over one eye and lets users easily push the display out of the way.

"Toshiba believes that by selling a Windows 10-based headset, they can make the process easier for enterprise customers looking at diving in," the report added.

"dynaEdge" combines a head-mounted display screen with a wearable PC about the size of a transistor radio, according to Digital Trends.

The device can be worn on either the left or right side of the eyeglasses, protective eyewear or anything else users choose to strap over their faces.


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