Wooqer wants to simplify work communication with a focus on retail companies


San Francisco Bay Area-headquartered Wooqer enables sharing and tracking content, collection, and visualisation of data and communication across large workgroups. 

At a glance

Startup: Wooqer

Founder: Vishal Purohit

Year it was founded: 2012

Where it is based: San Francisco Bay Area

The problem it solves: Work communication

Sector: PaaS 

The insight that businesses need to respond to ever-changing business conditions faster, cheaper and smarter, coupled with the need for a toolset to enable people to implement their ideas, is the genesis of Wooqer.

Wooqer as a platform has always been envisioned as a super easy-to-use toolset that enables all users to create their own solutions and iterate with changing business needs in the shortest possible time. This speed of action brings execution in sync with strategy, people 'In sync' with vision and decisions 'In sync' with data.

Vishal Purohit, CEO and Founder of Wooqer, has an extensive background of handling technology, sales, operations, chief executive, and advisory roles in his journey to Wooqer. He is based in Silicon Valley and has been successful in crafting the growth of Wooqer. 

“Wooqer has a single objective - make people successful by simplifying technology in their hands and making it practical. This focus on being a never-before-done technology company enables us to continually explore newer possibilities and weave them into our platform,” Vishal shares. 

Wooqer, headquartered in California, launched in 2014, has grown at a rapid pace over years. With operations and customers across US, GCC countries, India, and ASEAN, Wooqer now powers over 2,50,000 business users and is one of the most adopted business platform around. 

Wooqer is a single Create-Assign-Launch-Track platform that enables sharing and tracking content, collection and visualisation of data, and communication across large workgroups within a secured setting. The platform variants are available on browser, mobile OSs, and tablet with new extensions into IOT. Wooqer extends APIs to integrate with all business systems.

Within the retail setting, Wooqer is the de-facto Retail Operations Platform (ROP) for the VP Retail to bring stores In Sync. Key activities included within the ROP package are visual merchandising audit, daily store checklists, sales target vs actuals, product and organisation trainings, global stock counts, customer feedback through a QR code, and new store openings.

“All progressive retailers in India and globally are on Wooqer or in process on coming onto Wooqer. Innovative retailers now run over 6,000 applications on Wooqer. Leading banks are now our customers where Wooqer is the de-facto ATM audit, sales management, and branch operations management platform, discovering many more new ways to “Wooq” every day. Leading distribution and manufacturing companies now leverage Wooqer as a Sales Effectiveness Platform (SEP) to impact sales where sales force automation tools stop - interventions in helping increase sales,” Vishal adds.

Wooqer team

Additionally, Wooqer offers global best practice workshops and training programs for businesses around Wooqer. Clients of Wooqer include leading fashion retailers, QSRs, food retailers, hypermarkets, banks, media, manufacturing, education companies, and many more. 

Wooqer is PaaS (Platform as a Service) based and earns revenue per user or per use. The company has raised an undisclosed seed round of funding from leading Silicon Valley investors in 2014. 

“As we build our business globally with a simple “Retail everywhere, everything in India” strategy, we set out to build newer aspects to the platform on simplicity, ease of use, accuracy, forecasting ability, and simply being practical. Wooqer shall be building on its research teams in India and the Silicon Valley as well as sales teams across the world. We are definitely building a useful platform, potentially a highly successful business, and hopefully a great technology company,” says Vishal, on the startup’s future plans.


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