Young talent, fresh perspectives: showcase of art and design at the Drushyotsava exhibition


Art is one of the foundations of design, and also an expressive form all by itself. In Part I of our photo essay, we feature some of the creative works at Chitrakala Parishat, and insights from the artists on art as passion and profession.

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The Drushyotsava 2018 exhibition at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat this weekend features painting, sculpture, prints, animation, and mixed-media installations. There are also workshops on print-making, and panel discussions on technology as an art medium. Visiting experts include Abhay Pawar (Design Director, EdgeVerve), Rachita Chowdhury (Creative Director, Ether Design), Balan Nambiar (award-winning steel sculptor), Naozar Daruwalla (Crimson Art Gallery), and Premilla Baid (Gallery Sumukha).

The artworks by the College of Fine Arts include indoor exhibits and outdoor installations. “Every emotion I feel can be expressed through my art, if not through words. Art is also a record of my life,” says Reha Mutha, in a chat with YourStory. Her exhibit depicts what a terrorist may or may not do in the last minute before detonating a bomb, and expresses anguish at the needless suicide and ensuing loss of life.

“Art is about expression and meaning, but the impact can be just about the expression and emotion itself,” explains Varsha Ananda. Her exhibit about the limits of control features a pair of hands trying to control the actions of others. “But not everyone can be controlled or wants to be controlled – either by you or by society,” she says.

The design and entertainment boom in the economy is providing a range of job opportunities for artists. Art and design are not just a passion but also a profession, as Tejendra Singh Baoni, Principal of the College of Fine Arts, explains to us in Part II of this article coming tomorrow.

Now, what have you done to explore what you can do for art – or what art can do for you?

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