Amazon introduces in-car package delivery with Amazon Key App


Amazon is rolling out a programme to deliver packages to cars, whether they’re parked at home or in a public place. Amazon’s Prime members in 37 US cities can have their packages delivered to their car and track them real-time.

How does it work, and what do customers need to do to avail the in-car delivery service? The users in the select cities where the service works need the Amazon Key App, which is available for select cloud-connected vehicles in select cities. According to the company, 2015 or newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac vehicles with an active OnStar account, and customers with a 2015 or newer Volvo vehicle with active Volvo On Call can use the service.

During checkout on Amazon, customers need to select the in-car delivery option. On the day of the delivery, the platform will notify the customer about the expected delivery time, which will be a four-hour window. The car needs to be parked within two blocks of the delivery address and the delivery driver will receive authorisation before the vehicle is unlocked.

Image: Amazon

According to Amazon, “No special access or keys are given to the driver. We will let you know you when your package is delivered and the vehicle is relocked.”

With real-time notifications, the customers can track when the car was unlocked and relocked. The app also gives the option of rating the in-car delivery.

“Since launching Amazon Key last November, we’ve safely delivered everything from cameras to collectable coins inside the home. Customers have also told us they love features like keyless guest access and being able to monitor their front door from anywhere with the Amazon Key App,” said Peter Larsen, Vice President of Delivery Technology, Amazon, shared in a statement.

According to Peter, “In-car delivery gives customers that same peace of mind and allows them to take the Amazon experience with them. And, with no additional hardware or devices required, customers can start ordering in-car delivery today.”

The next few months will show how well the in-car delivery fares for the e-commerce company, and whether the e-commerce giant will be able to push it to other states in the US. It is definitely a great add-on for Prime members who can make the cut to avail the service.