Art as creativity and curation – how this studio promotes collaboration and business in art


E-Studio International in Bengaluru began by bringing international art to India, and its founder Sonu Mulchandani will now take Indian art global.

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E-Studio International was launched in Bengaluru in 2003. Its initial aim was to bring international art concepts to India, and specialise in niche categories (such as clocks and model ships). The “e” in E-Studio stands for “from everywhere,” according to its founder-curator Sonu Mulchandani.

Over the past 15 years, she has travelled extensively to set up art collaborations in Egypt, Hong Kong, Dubai, Istanbul and California. Other partners are targeted from China, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and UK.

Sonu has also curated the first-ever Art-Science Festival at Phoenix Market City (see Part I and Part II of our earlier coverage). It featured over 200 artworks, including the 32-foot outdoor installation by Rupchand Kundu, titled ‘Man Without Wings.’ Sonu joins us for a more detailed interview in Part II of this photo essay.

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