‘Believe that you can do it, and you're 90 percent there’– 50 quotes from Indian startup journeys


From belief to boldness, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these excerpts and stories! StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous post here). Share these 50 gems and insights from the week of April 16-22 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

Every entrepreneur’s journey is different with their own share of highs and lows, but what binds each one of them is the passion to commit, and the ‘never-say-no’ attitude. - Anand Daniel, Accel

Entrepreneurship is a beautiful journey and one who embarks on this path has to be prepared to stay the course for at least a decade before he or she can expect to make a significant impact or change. - Manisha Acharya, Indigram Labs

The most important trigger for success is to have the right people, enabled by the right tools to drive strategy and a competitive compensation structure. - Paul Dupuis, Randstad India

The four elements of high standards as we see it: they are teachable, they are domain-specific, you must recognize them, and you must explicitly coach realistic scope. - Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Over 90 percent of successful innovation comes from observation at the frontline. Founders can make a big difference here. – Chris Zook, ‘The Founder’s Mentality’

Conversations are the lifeblood of leadership. – Kevin Murray, ‘People with Purpose’

Artists who do not have a formal art degree can also explore art in new ways. - Vinay Prashant, Tamaala art gallery

We want to promote India as a forward-thinking design destination; not just a crafts hub. - Astha Khetan, The House Of Things.

The industry is still evolving and in the next one or two years, the logistics industry would attract a lot of interest and investments. - Abinav Raja, Lynk Logistics

Logistics is no longer viewed as a necessary-evil, but an opportunity to drive customer acquisition, retention and value. - Kashyap Deorah, HyperTrack

The timing is right for disruptors in the global logistics and freight category, as the market is massive and growing. - Shekhar Kirani, Accel

According to industry experts, India’s temperature-controlled logistics industry is estimated at Rs 12,000 crore-Rs 15,000 crore and is poised to grow at a minimum 20 percent annually. - Mansi Mahansaria, Just Deliveries

Education is one of the highest spending areas traditionally for an Indian median household. - Robin Raina, Ebix

The Indian healthcare sector is evolving to a state where patients will have multiple options for accessing healthcare. - Tejbir Singh, AffordPlan

The healthcare industry has a humanitarian responsibility to provide affordable access to essential medicines for patients who need them, through the power of innovation. - Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Biocon

Diabetes will affect 100 million people in India by 2030. The sheer size means that this large demographic requires focus to address their specific needs. – Gautam Chopra, BeatO

GST at 28 percent is a killer. Ticket rates go up and people who buy it blame the organiser for pricing the tickets high. - Cyrus Gorimar, Opium Events

There is always merit in partnering with people who are aligned with your culture and beliefs. This enables the brand to grow manifold. - VS Kannan Sitaram, Fireside Ventures

If farmers employ spiritual farming, within five years they would earn at least 40 per cent more. Then, they won’t have to go to cities to become drivers and watchmen. - Rajesh Kumar

There is a lot that goes in steeping a perfect cup of tea. It is both an art and a bit of science. - Kavita Mathur, Tea Trails

Technology will play a greater role in how we are cooking and presenting our food. - Pankaj Bhadouria, ‘The Secret’s in the Spice Mix’

You could do everything perfectly. You could have a few paying customers to validate your work. But if the market is not ready, it doesn’t matter. - Curt Prins, PoliMobile

Fashion online is a dominant sales category with 34 million shoppers online in India This is expected to rise to 100 million in the next five years. - Rishi Vasudev, Flipkart Fashion

Wearables is currently a 300 crore industry in India and is growing rapidly, with online contributing 60 percent to the total business. - Jeyandran Venugopal, Myntra

The television manufacturers and not the marketers will become leaders in India. - Sandeep Karwa, Flipkart

Solutions for real India through technology can scale faster. The company should, however, make money from advertisers for using the technology. - V Ganapathy, Axilor Ventures

To create an AI model we have to understand the whole aspect of driving to understand the intention, driver mood, and movement. - Alexander Klotz, Continental AG

Freshly infused Japanese and Korean capital highlights Indian fintech market’s high potential for steep growth and would serve as a new global platform for fintech players. - Charlie Lee, True Balance

India has one of the most underpenetrated insurance markets, with low penetration rates for women and rural populations. - Jun Zhang, IFC

Scaling in a lending business is not only about disbursing loans; it is about disbursing the right loans that get repaid. - Simmi Sareen, Loans4SME

With co-working spaces coming up in India, real estate, particularly will see rapid changes. The shift will demand innovation to transform workspaces. – Karan Virmani, WeWork India

Over 25 percent college graduates in Bihar are currently unemployed with the youth stuck in conditions plagued by a weak local economy. - Project Potential

About 80 million of India's population faces acute water scarcity and millions others face water stress in some form or the other. - Swapnil Shrivastav, Uravu

What we call a car has become a new platform for developers, because you can develop so many applications. - Madhusudhan KM, Mindtree

Fundamentally, if you look at debt and equity, they both have their roles to play in the building of a company. - Rahul Khanna, Trifecta

Taking high valuations is risky, because then you have got to perform at a different level. It will be like a fast track treadmill. - Amarendra Sahu, NestAway

Licensed content is the engagement engine that drives SVOD (Subscription Video-on-Demand) viewership, retention, and revenue. - Christopher Coby, 7Park Data

Countries with a population of 20-30 million with a great academic infrastructure are able to produce top quality talent who are increasingly taking interest in launching their own businesses. - Ajay Ramasubramaniam, Zone Startups India

With more and more advertising becoming digital, the impact of marketing is now measurable. - Fredrik Skantze, Funnel

Pulp (and paper) is the third largest industrial polluter of air, water and soil. - Neerja Palisetty, Sutrakaar Creations

The ownership of India’s data should be with the citizens of this country. - Kiran Vasireddy, Paytm

Human language can be complicated, and expecting to teach every possible type, slang, nuance, emotion, intent and context, and the combinations thereof, to an algorithm is challenging. - Sriram Sitaraman, Srijan Technologies

It is not easy to follow a dream by setting aside a secure and comfortable job. - Pradipto Ganguly, Britzo

No matter how big a company you are, or no matter how small a startup you are, you always have limited resources. - Divyank Turakhia

Focus on solving just one problem with such precision that you become the best in the world to solve it! – Neha Jain, Z Nation Lab

Friendship is the purest love. It is the highest form of Love where nothing is asked for, no condition, where one simply enjoys giving. - Osho

Believe that you can do it, and you're 90 percent there; 10 percent is only the effort that you put in and that automatically falls into place. - S Ramya Arun, Spur One

The best thing you can do is to prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually, so both you, and your company can be built to last. - Amit Somani, Prime Venture Partners

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