Personal task management startup Dunzo launches subscription service with dunzoX


Bengaluru-based daily task-management app Dunzo today announced the launch of dunzoX, a subscription service. It gives its users priority allocation and support with free delivery for the first three kilometres for 30 tasks in a month for an upfront payment of Rs 299. Users can purchase dunzoX by updating their app and scrolling to the profile tab.

Currently, dunzoX passes are only limited in number: there's a real time-countdown on the app for it. Post that, all dunxoX members will have a unique invite code. Once dunzoX passes are all sold out, every dunzoX member can unlock the opportunity to invite up to five friends to be able to purchase the dunzoX pass even when it's sold out.

Team Dunzo

Dunzo helps prioritise your tasks using a mix of artificial intelligence and human operators. It was founded by Kabeer Biswas, Ankur Aggarwal, Dalvir Suri, and Mukund Jha.

On their blog Kabeer, Co-founder and CEO, Dunzo, said,

When we started this journey at Dunzo, we knew where we were headed. We knew we had built a product that could turn things around for our users, and make them feel like they could do more with their time. The bigger picture has always been to keep improving the product to the best of its capabilities and maintain an open dialogue about what we were thinking and why decisions are taken at Dunzo. 

Kabeer highlighted the recently launched Power of 3, which unlocked free delivery on three kilometres of all tasks run in Bengaluru. During the campaign, the team realised that giving users the option to run tasks at shorter distances - corner stores, food from down the road etc., gave the team an insight into their daily lives. 

“With short distance tasks, we were able to serve more users, enable partners to have less idle time as well as increase business for small business owners. Based from that learnings and keeping this in mind, we decided to launch dunzoX and give more power to our users to let us handle mundane daily tasks, giving them time back to do what they love,” he added. 

In December last year, Dunzo had snagged an investment of $12.3 million from Google. It was the first direct investment made by Google in a company. As of December, the team had completed over 100,000 tasks, with 65 to 70 percent of Dunzo’s task volumes coming from pickups and drops, five to seven percent from home services, and the remaining 20 to 25 percent from buying and selling.

"As everything with Dunzo, we're always learning and going back to the drawing board on what our users really want. Going forward, we will continue iterating to provide the best choice to our users," says Kabeer. 


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