Hansel speaks on the importance of constantly engaging customers


Hansel.io is a feature middleware infrastructure that eliminates the complexities involved in running cross-platform, cross-team business initiatives. Every attribute of a feature can be modified at runtime and sent to a user segment in one stroke, across devices.

Its impact is also measured, without the need for multiple releases or developer bottlenecks. Behind the scenes, Hansel’s back-end SDKs create a hand-shake with your internal backend systems such that any complex user segment can be created within a couple of minutes.

In its video series, Endiya Partners spoke to Hansel.io Co-founder and CEO Varun Ramamurthy, who explained how business needs that translate into features often tend to get bottlenecked at a developer level, which leads to a lot of wasted potential revenue.

Co-founder and CTO, Parminder Singh, explained how Hansel.io focuses on product optimisation by having a unique tech stack that is built on key data pairs which makes it extendable across platforms. This gives businesses the power to control user experiences in near real-time across their products and platforms, and the ability to measure the impact at a very granular level.

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