[Monday Wrap] From cancer awareness to energy saving and agri tech - your startup fix to start the week


YourStory brings you a list of promising startups we discovered through the week.

Onco.com is an online platform that helps cancer patients get scientific treatment advice as per the latest international guidelines through its network of oncologists in the US and India. Founded in 2017, by Rashie Jain and Dr Amit Jotwani, Onco.com aims to fix the broken chain of cancer treatment in developing countries. The company believes in the philosophy that every patient has the right to know what is the best treatment for them and aims to bring in is a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment planning.

Onco.com co-founders Dr Amit and Rashie Jain

Co-founded by former IFMR group employees Sucharita Mukherjee and Puneet Gupta, Kaleidofin is a financial platform for the informal sector that provides solutions tailored to a customer’s goals. Giving an example, the founders state, “Take a mason who has work only eight months of the year. In monsoon time, there’s no work, so there isn’t any income. A solution like ours, with a mix of savings and credit, can help solve small cash crunches.” The company understands the risk profile of the consumer before advising on respective plans. The variables of analysis include family structure, skill sets, occupation, geography, and whether the location they reside is prone to natural disasters.

Sucharita Mukherjee and Puneet Gupta, Founders of Kaleidofin

All of us like a little taste of luxury every once in a while - like a luxurious stay in a hotel with all the trappings of room service, a hot tub and indulgent spa days. It was to fulfil these wishes that icanstay.com came about. Founded by Avneet Soni and Puneet Gupta, it offers an open voucher for four and five-star rooms across India at a fixed price of Rs 2,999 (including tax) all around the year, with no seasonal surges or city-based pricing. The validity to redeem the voucher is for 11 months and it has partnered with over 100 hotels in 50 cities.

The team at icanstay

In the agriculture sector, there is huge diversity in terms of farming practices, crop types, and weather conditions, and a lot of business growth depends on the distribution channels and market fluctuations. To ensure value creation for the entire supply chain in agriculture, FIB-SOL has developed nanofibre technologies to lower costs, improve crop yield, and enhance soil quality. One of its first offerings is an ultra-lightweight membrane to embed agri-inputs, such as fertilisers, pesticides and biostimulants. It is a 5g tissue embedded with bio-actives that can be dissolved in water and used for fertilising an acre of farmland. The second product is a liquid gel (N-SOL SP) available as a 25 ml bottle in the market.

FIB-SOL Life Technologies co-founders Anant Raheja and Kavitha Sairam

Brongo is a broker aggregator app that connects local brokers and users in real time. The app offers users the option of reviewing brokers' ratings and performance before selecting one. Brongo focuses on creating an environment where users work with brokers and ensure there is ownership and clients are asked to agree to the commission even before selecting a local broker. All a user needs to do is give in specifications, a budget and agree on the commission. Brongo then sends an alert to all its registered brokers to showcase the requirement of the client. All Brongo Brokers get a minute to bid for the lead; the fastest three bids are finalised and shown to the user. 

Core team at Brongo

75F stands for 75 Fahrenheit (or 23.88 Celsius), which was set by the United Nations as the optimum temperature in all its offices worldwide. The company seeks to “deliver optimal comfort while saving maximum energy”. Its solution continually monitors a room's needs, analyses incoming data, and controls what goes in and out. The team claims its system effectively manages a building's energy loads, which prevents thermal discomfort by eliminating temperature imbalances. 75F smart nodes on HVAC systems and lights connect to a central control unit that connects through a central brain to analyse multiple buildings. It currently manages the buildings of Flipkart in India, besides several others.

Guarav Burman, VP and Country Head, 75F India

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