Start Berlin holds demo day for 15 upcoming entrepreneurs


On April 18, START BERLIN conducted a demo day for 15 upcoming entrepreneurs in the co-working space of Unicorn Berlin.

START BERLIN is a student entrepreneurship club in Berlin set-up to connect students with Berlin’s start-up ecosystem. They regularly host different events such as ‘Founders Table’, ‘Start-up Crawl’ and the ‘Berlin Demo Day’.

“Our mission is to support students in their career by providing them with unique opportunities to engage with representatives from all aspects of Berlin’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem,” says Daniel Jach, an organiser of the event.

The latest edition of the Berlin Demo Day was dedicated to connecting investors with the next startup generation. The event not only showcased trendy tech and Blockchain startups, but also gave a platform for entrepreneurs developing IoT and Artificial Intelligence solutions. Each startup had three minutes to pitch its ideas to the 30 investors in the room. The bright palette of investors consisted mostly of Venture Capital firms focusing on B2B and B2C start-ups.

The 15 pitching start-ups were

WUNDERAI – Wunderai has created neuroscience-inspired AI helping brands with customer analytics and personalisation. They promise to read customers' mind with real-time cognitive AI.

ADVOCADO - Advocado provides legal services by experienced lawyers. After a free initial assessment, people get fast support to resolve their issues.

REPLEX – Replex brings together the critical information you need about your physical and virtual machines, docker containers and public cloud instances in one intuitive interface. With Replex, you get all your data in one place.

FLOWPILOT – Based in the heart of Berlin, Flowpilpot offers cash flow management solutions for SMEs and other professionals.

FLUENTIC – Fluentic has developed networked services solutions that empower users to take control of data generated by their devices, in their environment and in the public domain and enable them to combine data and functions.

FLATFIT App – Flatfit helps people to find and match with your ideal roommate.

DATARADE – Finding the right data provider is a time-consuming task and analysing data tough. Datatrade overcomes this issue by connecting demand and supply through a data discovery platform that helps data buyers to find the best owners and providers of consumer, business, financial and environmental data.

PROMOPILOT – Promopilot analysis a company profile and suggests easy to implement marketing solutions. The set up takes only a few minutes, the rest is done 'auto-magically'.

NUZZERA - Experience the widest variety of news that interests you. All in one place. Nuzzera features a wide range of free articles.

FRESH ENERGY - With this app, you can see how much power you really consume - anytime, anywhere and that is easy to understand. No complicated annual statements and no surprising additional payments.

QIXXIT – Qixxit helps you plan a trip consisting of different modes of transport. They help you to reach any place in the world in the most convenient way.

STATICE – Statice is an automatic data anonymisation software that allows you to easily leverage and process existing or new personal data and ensures that no personal information is ever exposed.

ORGOS – Put your HR on autopilot with OrgOS. The software sorts your employees' data and processes so you do not have to.

BRAINIMALS – Brainimals is an innovative learning assistant that supports students to learn subject-matter related knowledge with the help of an app.

BOTCONNECT – Every business knows how hard it is to sell its products. Botconnect helps to engage and place offers towards existing customers and drive sales and customer loyalty.

At the end of the start-up pitches, the group of investors voted for the top three ideas. The winner was REPLEX, followed by STATICE and BOTCONNECT.


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