Success only comes from patience, perspective and perseverance – says this marketer-turned art curator


In Part II of this photo essay on Tamaala gallery, we showcase more of its art works along with founder perspectives on success in a creative career.

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Vinay Prashant co-founded Tamaala Art Gallery along with his wife, Suvarna Kamakshi (see my earlier photo essay here). He was previously marketing head at Amagi Media Labs and VP of Radio Mirchi (Gujarat). He graduated from the Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli and University of Madras.

This week’s exhibition at the gallery is titled ‘Hard Rock and Heavy Metal,’ featuring the works of artists Umesh Prasad and Chandramouli. Vinay met Umesh at the popular Chitra Santhe art fair in Bengaluru (see my coverage from 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015), and they struck up a collaboration.

“Artists who do not have a formal art degree can also explore art in new ways,” said Vinay, in a chat with YourStory. Formally trained as well as untrained artists bring unique approaches and charms to their work. Artistic renditions can be applied to a wide range of daily objects and end up surprising viewers, he adds.

Thought he started off in a traditional business marketing role, Vinay became more attracted to art when he was involved in curating art shows in Delhi and Ahmedabad. His wife Suvarna is also an artist, and together they promote emerging artists through their gallery.

Vinay admires artists because they have such different perceptions of our world, and also play a role in preserving our traditions. He has made sure that the gallery has adequate representation of ethnic art and crafts from around India, and for audiences of all ages (see Part I of our coverage here).

“Success for us is when we can sustainably support and promote artists. We are exhibiting the works of over 40 artists, and are providing full livelihood for five artists. We would like to be supporting 100 artists soon,” he adds.

The Indian education system needs to promote more appreciation and skills for art, Vinay urges. “Don’t be intimidated by art. Let it speak to you. Give it some time, and you will see the nuances emerge. You will find your own unique message and truth,” he advises viewers.

Career options for artists are promising these days, and opportunities are there – though the number and quality of channels needs to improve. With time, effort and reflection, unique styles will emerge for aspiring artists, he adds.

“As an artist or curator, the journey is long and tough,” Vinay cautions. But with patience, perception and perseverance, the path to success will emerge, he signs off.

Now what have you done today to explore your North Star and find out what makes you come alive?

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