Swarmify brings Netflix-quality streaming to all


SmartVideo simplifies all the complex and expensive moving parts surrounding native video deployment. By automatically downloading, encoding, storing, and accelerating playback in a native video experience the website owner saves a lot of time. 

At a glance

Startup: Swarmify

Founders: Nathan Barnett

Year it was founded: 2015

Where it is based: Florida

The problem it solves: Brings Netflix-quality streaming to businesses

Funding: Undisclosed

Sector: Video streaming

SmartVideo is an offering by Swarmify which brings the power of Netflix-quality streaming, made simple. SmartVideo enables site owners take that next step and graduate from YouTube embeds on their website to clutter-free, accelerated, high-quality native video playback that loads fast and looks professional.

With copy/paste installation, SmartVideo simplifies complex and expensive moving parts surrounding native video deployment.

Nathan Barnett

Swarmify SmartVideo launched in May 2017. We have seen enormous growth every month. More businesses are recognising the true cost of using YouTube. Before SmartVideo, our solution was only available to large scale enterprise companies. In totality, we recently celebrated having streamed over 500 million videos,” says Nathan Barnett, CEO, Swarmify. “If your website loads fast, but your video loads slow, you are still going to lose that customer.” 

Swarmify has simplified pricing as well. It's all-inclusive at $1 per thousand video views with unlimited storage, encoding, and bandwidth.

SmartVideo also facilitates agencies to help their clients convert more sales opportunities by eliminating traffic leaks and reducing bounce rates, keeping visitor attention on their brand and website with professional playback. Agencies can set their margins and earn recurring revenue from both current and future clients as SmartVideo compliments services already provide or resell. 

“We charge a monthly fee based on the number of video plays your website receives each month. There are options starting as low as $19/month so there is an affordable entry point for even the smallest business.”adds Nathan. “Our service provides Netflix quality encoding, playback, and delivery. We handle everything except creating the video itself. Over time we update as formats change, new mobile devices release, and compression improves. The player provides a complete white label experience. Customers focus on your video with no distractions.” 

Swarmify has raised venture funding from Mosley Ventures out of Atlanta. Along with Mosley, it has received investment and support from many angel investors. 

We continue to add features based on customer feedback. A lot of our exciting projects are around helping the web agencies and developers easily integrate our accelerated video into their website. Soon you will be seeing an insert SmartVideo button in a lot more places. So stay tuned for that as we make it simpler and easier to add video to your website. The other area of focus for us is on helping users convert out of other solutions. Right now, if you use YouTube, we can automatically export and convert every video automatically for you. There is no work on your side to deploy, or upload. Customers love this experience and we are looking to bring this same ability to other video platforms customers are using,” adds Nathan on their future plans.