‘Hyderabad has a promising art scene’ – Prashanti Goel, founder-curator, Aalankritha Art Gallery


In Part II of our photo essay on this 15-year old gallery, we feature more works of artists from across India, along with insights on success.

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Aalankritha Art Gallery was founded in 2003 by Prashanti Goel, a self-taught artist and management graduate (see Part I of our photo essay here). The works of over 60 artists are featured on the gallery’s website for browsing and sale via e-commerce. Prices range from Rs. 5,000 to several lakhs.

“Hyderabad has a promising art scene, with around eight galleries,” said founder-curator Prashanti Goel in a chat with YourStory. Even though she has no formal art degree, she sees beauty and livelihood in art. “Art is an expression of the soul,” she adds.

Featured artists at the gallery include Goranga Beshai, Gouri Vemula, Goutam Sarkar, HR Das, Jagannath Paul, Kishore Roy, Laxman Aelay, Nandini Goud, Pradosh Swain, Ramesh Bhosale, Sachin Jaltare, Shankar Pamarthy, Shraddha Rathi, Shubhada Bhosale, Srinivas Chary, Subrata Das, Sujata Achrekar, Thota Vaikuntam and Umakant Kanade.

Success for the gallery comes from its growth and from reputation among the art community, says Prashanti. This is reflected in the growing number of referrals across India and overseas.

Curators and artists need to nurture their relationship in a mutually beneficial manner, according to Prashanti. Dealings should be fair and transparent, especially when it comes to matters like exclusivity.

Now what have you done today to find your creative balance between growth and ethics, between work and passion?

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