IvyCamp introduces AI into its startup-centric online networking platform


AI will provide corporates, mentors, investors, and other members of networking platform IvyCamp with a seamless platform to find and evaluate innovative solutions. 

IvyCamp, an initiative of IvyCap Ventures Advisors Private Ltd, has injected artificial intelligence into its startup-centric online networking platform that caters exclusively to startup founders, mentors, and investors (including corporates) to connect and converse. The AI will help the platform to match and map the interest of various stakeholders based on the criteria laid down by them for a more refined search and output.

IvyCamp’s networking platform, launched with basic features more than a year ago, has more than 4,500 registered members. It is the second such online startup-centric networking platform currently in operation in India. The other one is StartupIndiahub.org, run by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP).

IvyCamp leverages global alumni networks to power the Indian startup ecosystem

Anju Gupta, Co-founder and President, IvyCamp, said, “The primary aim of this is to provide a seamless platform that enables corporates, mentors, and investors to leverage our ecosystem to find and evaluate innovative solutions.” IvyCamp, as the name suggests, leverages global alumni networks across educational institutions including IITs, IIMs, BITs, and ISB to power the Indian startup ecosystem.

Strategic partnership

Once registered, a startup founder can connect with mentors and investors interested in the domain in which the startup works. Similarly, once a mentor or investor gets registered, s/he can connect with entrepreneurs working in the mentor’s area of interest. The platform allows members to sign in through Linkedin, which allows access to personal and professional details of the members. IvyCamp leverages this network to support its corporate programmes.

IvyCamp Co-founders Anju Gupta and Vikram Gupta (Founder and Managing Partner, IvyCap Ventures) are alumni of IIT Delhi.

IvyCamp recently entered a strategic partnership to launch an Open Innovation Programme with Sonata Software. The programme is specially designed by IvyCamp for Sonata Software, which wants to invite startups working on new-age technology solutions in Blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, and others relevant to industries like manufacturing, travel, BFSI, distribution, ecommerce, and retail. IvyCamp will then shortlist startups based on their business model, financial, legal, HR, due diligence, and technology prowess. The Sonata Programme is now live on the IvyCamp platform.

Besides helping startups connect with mentors and investors, IvyCamp also helps corporates looking to invest or have a partnership with startups working in certain domains. “We are setting up an accelerator programme for 12 weeks for HDFC ERGO. We are also helping Axis Bank to identify startups that are looking and are eligible for debt funding,” Anju said.

IvyCamp has also partnered with other corporates like Airbus Bizlabs, Sonata Software, Brigade REAP, and Eureka Forbes in its process of engaging with startups.


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