Luxury and futuristic technology power the Toyota Yaris’ entry into India


Look around. Everywhere you see the signs of a new India, where aspiration and luxury are no longer the privilege of those born into wealth. Indians today are more successful than ever before and are not afraid to flaunt this. According to a report by property consultancy Knight Frank, India added approximately 500 new ultra-high-net worth individuals (UHNWIs) annually over the past decade, and over the next decade that number is set to increase to approximately 1,000 a year. Indian women too are contributing significantly to that number, with a Wealth-X - UBS World Ultra Wealth report stating that India is home to the highest number of women HNIs in the world, with a combined fortune of $95 billion. It is little wonder then that global luxury retail brands like Burberry, Gucci and Louis Vuitton have entered the Indian market, with more to follow suit.

The discerning Indian HNIs, while not afraid to stand out, also recognise that luxury cannot be purely cosmetic, but should also offer value. With many of them having built their success through hard work and enterprise, they appreciate the importance of investing in something long-lasting and built with an eye to the future. They are tech-savvy, well-read, and up-to-date with the latest trends and offerings in the market. This makes them want the very best of everything – whether it is the homes they buy, the gadgets they use or the cars they drive.

A drive for excellence

Catering to this demand for excellence, Toyota has been synonymous with reliable and futuristic technology in India with its offerings such as the Qualis, Innova, Etios, and Corolla. This year, the automaker is bringing its signature sedan, the Toyota Yaris, to the Indian market. A success in 120 international markets, the Yaris offers a novel experience with its first-in-segment features.

The design is bold and features an oval curve on the side, which is almost a signature Toyota aesthetic. The front of the sedan features a wide, horizontal grille that gives it a stylish yet rugged look, further accentuated by projector headlamps with LED DRLs.

The rear of the car is where things look different as Toyota has created a rectangular styling with straight line, which is unlike any of its other offerings in India. The LED line guide in rear combination lamps add to the smooth finish.

The exterior also features front and rear parking sensors, and rear view camera. The first-in-segment front parking sensor allows the driver to better manoeuvre the car, especially in tight corners and parking spots.

The Toyota Yaris is also all-weather friendly – its rain-sensing wipers use IR technology, and self-activate in a downpour so that the driver is not distracted, and that visibility is never compromised. The roof-mounted air vents feature ambient illumination, and add an air of style and comfort, by allowing the flow of cool air uniformly throughout the cabin and even to the often-neglected back seats.

The power within

Luxury includes a distinct aesthetic appeal. Here too, the Yaris offers several features that have gained global appreciation. The two-tone waterfall design dashboard, leather seats and door trim, and Multi Information Display (MID) + Eco Indicator make this sedan ideal for long drives and comfortable navigation in heavy city traffic.

Perhaps one of the most important features in the Toyota Yaris, and crucial to safety, are the standardised 7 SRS Airbags. The airbags, that are available across all variants of the sedan, are a reaffirmation of Toyota’s commitment to safety and this feature has been lauded across customer forums and publishers in all markets. The 4-disc brakes offer superior control over the driving experience with safety as a top priority. This is particularly sought after in the context of Indian roads.

Under the hood, the Yaris features the 7-speed super CVT-i, which makes transmission between speeds smoother. Other performance enhancers include cruise control and paddle shift, using which drivers can lock in on cruise mode for smooth, uninterrupted drives. The paddle shift allows a change in drive control from manual to auto, based on the need of the moment.

The Yaris has a power driver seat, which allows drivers to adjust the seat in more than one axis, including the height of the base and its distance from the steering unit. To add to its comfort benefits, the cabin of the Yaris comes equipped with Infotainment with gesture control and navigation, which allows smoother and more intuitive operation of the entertainment in-car. The HSEA (IR Cut) acoustic and vibration control glass windows reduce the external noise and chaos that are so intrinsic to our city streets.

Style with safety first

This is a sedan that has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the new consumers in India who don’t shy away from making a statement and are willing to invest in the very best for themselves. With its blend of style and safety-first features, the Toyota Yaris checks all the boxes and is ready to rule the roads.

The Toyota experience

The Toyota Yaris is just the latest addition to a two-decade tradition of excellence that Toyota has sustained in the Indian market. Guided by the tenets of safety, quality, durability and reliability (QDR), the Japanese manufacturer believes in the philosophy of continuous improvement (Kaizen) and that there is always scope to do better. Whether it is the always-on-hand customer support, transparency, wide feature set across vehicles, affordable finance schemes, expedient deliveries and after sales services, Toyota wants to ensure peace of mind on the road and off. This includes lower maintenance costs compared to other car manufacturers, and highly responsive and knowledgeable dealership teams who continue to serve even after the purchase is finalised. Add to that the commitment to its guiding philosophy of QDR, and it’s no wonder Toyota is able to respond effectively to its customers’ needs at every point of their experience.

Live the Toyota experience – Test drive the Yaris here.


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