[Monday Wrap] From seamless procurement of raw materials to midnight dessert runs - your startup fix to start the week


YourStory brings you a list of promising startups we discovered through the week.

While large organisations do not typically find it difficult to source raw materials, SMEs see a challenge and, often, given finance constraints, source for one to three months. NowPurchase procures raw materials for companies in varied industries, irrespective of their size, geography or sector. The idea of the platform is to help manufacturing entities increase their productivity by freeing them from their procurement and purchase activities.

Team at NowPurchase

Agra-based Daily2Home provides fresh fruit and vegetables at the click of the mouse in the cities of Agra and Mathura. From serving over 50 customers a day initially, the firm has scaled up its operations and is currently serving 500 B2C patrons. In the B2B segment, the firm has more than 90 customers including the likes of The Akshaya Patra Foundation, Subway, Pind Balluchi, Sagar Ratna, Goli Vada Pav etc.

Ravi Dutt Sharma, Atul Chauhan and Siddharth Singh, Co-founders of Daily2Home

To battle the increasing levels of air pollution in cities, Kaiterra Global was started in 2014 by three friends, Liam Bates, Wen Xiang and Jessica Lam. It creates high accuracy, internet-connected monitors to measure air quality in real time for the home, for businesses, and even for industrial use. Kaiterra is setting up approximately 50 outdoor air quality monitors across NCR to collect more data that will help build awareness on air quality and be used for research on how pollution varies over distance and time.

Kaiterra has a series of products under the Laser Egg line that help users understand air quality around them.

Good quality desserts in India have always been served in five-star restaurants or high-end eateries. With Dezertfox, Ayush wanted to introduce the idea of making high-quality desserts, pastry and bakes available in the local markets at affordable prices and deliver them to costumers at their homes.

Ayush Agarwal, Founder, Dezertfox

The ATKT.in platform hosts content from students - be it in the sphere of performing arts such as singing, dancing, or stand-up comedy; visual arts like photography, painting, graphic design, or cartooning; literary arts like poetry or story writing. Community members create and share their work for with their fans and followers.

Saurabh Kanwar (L) and Prashant Sardesai, Founders, ATKT.in

Mumbai-headquartered boAt is a consumer electronics brand targeting tech-savvy consumers, mostly millennials, looking for stylish and quality products that are affordable too. Marrying quality and tech, this two-year-old brand claims to sell 4,200 units a day and adding a new boAthead (consumer) to the family every three minutes.

Aman Gupta (L) and Sameer Mehta, Founders, boAt

Imagine the thrill and adrenalin rush of smashing the ball out of the park – never mind then that you are wearing a Vitual Reality headset, and the ball is virtual. With ProYuga, Vasanth Sai and Trivikrama Kothinti came together last year to make original technology products from India, and relied heavily on their love for cricket to do it.

VR headset and bat designed by ProYuga

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