On National Technology Day, 7 startups using future tech to disrupt sectors


Technology is the key to push India on the speedy road to development, and ease our day-to-day lives. As more and more sectors see disruption through technology, here are some startups that use advanced tech to transform sectors such as health, energy management, defence, and others.  

That technology is all pervading is almost a cliché. With every advancement, most ask how it will replace humans, but the question to really ask is how it will make humans’ lives easier and richer.

From education to business decision-making and even providing clean drinking water to the masses – technology touches every aspect of life. And now, technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning are steadily disrupting every single sector with the power to change and ease operations in various sectors.

To celebrate the nation's technological advancements, India has been observing May 11 of every year as National Technology Day since 1999.

As we laud India's achievements in technology today (11 May), we bring to you a few startups disrupting sectors using advanced technologies.


Sector: Education

Bengaluru-based AI education platform Embibe uses data analytics to deliver personalised learning outcome for students. Founded in 2012 by Aditi Avasthi, Embibe focuses on students across K-12, higher education, professional skilling, vernacular languages, and all curriculum categories across India, and even internationally. With AI stacks focused on content intelligence and automation, behavioural recommendations, and student intelligence, Embibe’s products are aimed at redefining the way edtech can impact the lives of students and teachers.

Recently, Reliance agreed to invest the rupee equivalent of $180 million into Embibe over the next three years, making it the biggest transaction in the Indian education and deep technology space.


Zenatix Solutions

Sector: Energy Management

Gurugram-based Zenatix Solutions is an internet-of-things (IoT) driven energy data analytics company. Founded in 2013 by Amarjeet Singh, Rahul Bhalla, and Vishal Bansal, Zenatix has a cloud-based energy analytics product that collects data from several electrical products and breaks them into actionable insights. The company claims it helps in reducing electricity spends by 10 percent. This is done using intelligence that is derived from the correlated energy data with other factors, including temperature, humidity, and occupancy. Zenatix primarily works with banks that have a minimum 1,000 branches, and large retail chains with at least 500 stores.


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Sector: Health

Founded in 2016 by Geetha Manjunatha and Nidhi Mathur, Bengaluru-based Niramai Health Analytix seeks to make breast cancer screening safe and affordable. Niramai is a ‘Non-Invasive Risk Assessment with Machine Intelligence’ solution for early detection of breast cancer that is safe, non-touch, radiation-free, and low-cost. It uses a high-resolution thermal sensing device that scans the chest area like a camera. It then uses a cloud-hosted analytics solution to analyse the thermal images. Its SaaS solution uses big data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for reliable, early and accurate breast cancer screening. With its AI and ML-based algorithms, Niramai has reportedly developed an accurate method to predict results.



Sector: Defence

Based in Gurugram, VizExperts is the brainchild of Praveen Bhaniramka, an IIT-BHU alumnus, and was launched in 2006. The company’s rising popularity is based on Digital Sand Model technology (DSM), being extensively used by the armed forces to secure Indian borders. DSM is an amalgamation of four different technologies – 3D graphics, high-resolution satellite data, simulation and GIS (geographic information system). Using Virtual Reality (VR) technology, VizExperts’ DSM offers improved situational awareness in a 3D format to defence forces. VizExperts’ client current portfolio includes DRDO, ISRO, police and paramilitary organisations, law enforcement institutions, museums and educational institutes in India along with international conglomerates like Halliburton, AMD and SGI.



Sector: Recruitment

Mettl is a rapidly-growing assessment and skill-measurement company based in Gurugram. Present in 90+ countries and serving 2400+ companies, Mettl offers innovative technologies for recruitment, talent management and technology solutions in various sectors. By using technology like Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, it provides assessment to companies through psychometric tests, gamification, simulation, remote proctoring and others, helping companies identify core competencies of an employee.



Sector: Water

Swajal is an IoT-based clean drinking water solutions provider that has helped over two lakh people across nine states in India. Founded in 2014 by Vibha Tripathi, Swajal offers mineralised, purified water with ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis for as low as 50 paise per litre. Gurugram-based Swajal Water started by deploying water purification systems across government schools, railway stations, industrial plants, and residential areas in urban and rural geographies. With constant R&D, the company has diversified its solutions and product offerings into RFID-based water purification systems, water ATM machines, solar powered water purification systems, water hut, solar submersible pumps, RO systems, and large drinking water plants with tracked water bottles.



Sector: Residential rental

Launched in 2016, FastFox is an end-to-end technology focused market network for residential rentals operating in Gurgaon that aims to fix the ‘rental conundrum’ in India. FastFox offers a complete home renting solution, helping customers through its home renting journey – online and offline. On the customer side – FastFox Apps and website help home seekers check out details of all properties in the FastFox pool. FastFox, with its access to massive amount of data of customers, rental homes and historic transactions, is able to effectively use Artificial Intelligence to suggest the best houses to customers based on their profile, budget, location of workplace and schools, aspiration and more than 12 other possible variables.



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