OYE! Loans raises $2.25M in funding from GAIN Credit


OYE Fintech will use the funds to strengthen its underwriting models aimed at new-to-credit consumers, and to scale up operations. 

OYE Fintech, which operates a consumer-focused lending platform called OYE! Loans, has raised $2.25 million from GAIN Credit, Inc. OYE! Loans currently serves new-to-credit and new-to-workforce consumers with timely and affordable one-year EMI loans, with ticket-sizes ranging between Rs 10,000 and 1 lakh. 

The company leverages alternative data to assess risk on customers who have thin or non-existent footprints on the credit bureau. The loan application-to-disbursal process is largely online, enabling quick turnaround times of less than two business days – an attribute that has strengthened its growing reputation as a lender-of-choice within its target markets.

With the support of Northern Arc Capital (formerly known as IFMR Capital), its lending partner, OYE Fintech will leverage the new funds to strengthen its underwriting models aimed at new-to-credit consumers, scale up operations, and expand its footprint to cover multiple cities.

The Oye! Loans team

Currently, it is only operates in Chennai. In the process, the company wants to stay focused on leveraging the digital ecosystem to evolve towards a completely paperless process with virtually no human intervention.

Mukund Venkatesh, Managing Director India - Global Analytics India (a subsidiary of GAIN Credit, Inc. said, “This funding marks a reiteration of GAIN Credit’s long-term vision of becoming a global fintech leader, driven by the mission of empowering the lives of the underserved and underbanked by providing responsible access to credit. In addition to the capital provided, OYE! is built on the back of our strong digital lending technology and talent footprint in India.”

Kshama Fernandez, CEO - Northern Arc Capital (formerly IFMR Capital), said, “As OYE!’s principal debt partner, we are pleased with the strong growth and expansion plans of the company. We look forward to continuing our support to the company in its journey, as it resonates with our aim of empowering financially-excluded households and sectors with access to credit solutions”.

Pradeep Rathnam, President - OYE Fintech, observed, “GAIN Credit’s investment in OYE! enables us to accelerate our plans to build scalable India-specific credit products with a focus on robust alternate credit scoring and fraud detection machine-learning models. As a result, we will be much better placed in identifying the right customers, setting the optimum loan amounts, and delivering compelling value propositions in a seamless, frictionless manner.

Boosted by the Indian government’s laser-focus on digital transformation and measures aimed at fostering a cashless economy, the country’s fintech sector is forecasted to be worth $2.4 billion by 2020 (KPMG report in 2016) presenting a significant opportunity for startups like us which are singularly focused on providing responsible credit solutions to those lacking access to mainstream financial services.


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