‘Success comes from experimentation, and not just from a degree’ – Ruchi Sharma, curator, Kalakriti Art Gallery


This gallery in Hyderabad has showcased the works of hundreds of artists over the years, and hosts an exhibition this month called ‘Alchemy of Memories.’

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Over the past 13 years, Kalakriti Art Gallery at No 10, Banjara Hills has emerged as an art hub in Hyderabad. Its exhibitions have had titles such as Hues of Will, Rivers of Wings, Dashavatara, Identity, Interlude, Healing, A Reflection of Yesterday’s Truth, Souls of Wide Walls, Fellow Travellers, Luminous Twilights, and Magic Light.

Some of the exhibitions are themed around artist residency programs, such as the current showcase titled ‘Alchemy of Memories.’ The art works address the nature of time, tradition, memories, dreams, visions and nostalgia.

A residency programme is held almost every month; the eleven artists this time are Dinar Sultana Putul, Ekta Singha, Navjot Sohal, Krishna Trivedi, Akshita Aggarwal, Krishnal Fulwala, Biplab Sarkar, Ajaysingh Bhadoriya, Aji Kumar, Midhun Gopi, and Prabhakar Sahoo.

The art gallery showcases both established and emerging artists, said curator Ruchi Sharma, in a chat with YourStory. The gallery offers art at affordable places to make it accessible to broader audiences; prices range from Rs 4,000 to a lakh.

In addition to the main gallery, Kalakriti runs an art cafe next door and another contemporary art space in the city. “Approach art with an open mind,” Ruchi advises those who want to understand how to view or appreciate art. The gallery staff is also willing to guide visitors through the different forms of art.

Successful artists are willing to explore their own inner journeys as well as connect to market trends, such as the current rise of contemporary art, she explains. “Success depends on market research and relationships with the ecosystem. Success comes from experimentation and not just from a degree,” Ruchi explains.

“The more our gallery helps artists with a platform for their growth, the more successful we ourselves become,” she says. The gallery also provides art scholarships and connects to the Bon Jour France-India partnership programme.

Along with the Lahoti Foundation, the gallery supports Hyderabad’s annual Krishnakriti Festival. In Part II of this photo essay, we feature artist insights on creativity and success.

Now what have you done today to explore your own inner journey through art, as a viewer or practitioner?

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