5 movies that have never failed to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs


Over the decades, the way we perceive movies has changed. Earlier, it was only about entertainment and while that still holds true, movies have also become a source of inspiration, like books, especially those that draw from real life stories. 

Thanks to Netflix and Amazon, we have the world of movies open to us today, and movie makers now have the opportunity, more than ever before, to take inspiration from real life characters. Movies, documentaries, and series on entrepreneurs and their lives have gained much popularity. Time and again, entrepreneurs turn to movies for inspiration to reaffirm their faith in their decisions, help them to push forward on tough days, and never give up. Here is a list of movies that always inspire:

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of the most inspirational leaders of our times. The co-founder of Apple, whose passion for design is still one of the guiding principles for Apple Inc, is well known not just in the startup world, but beyond. The world lost the genius to cancer, but he continues to inspire event today.

Based on his biography by Walter Isaacson, the movie traces Steve’s journey and the ups and downs of his life. The movie also captures the essence of the man, his passion and the genius behind one of the biggest companies in the world. This one is worth going back to time and again, especially to just look at Steve’s journey and how to never let anyone write you off.

The Intern

This movie is worth going back to, especially for CEOs when they are ridden by self-doubt and feel the walls are closing in. The movie is about a young CEO feeling the pressure at work and home, and how a senior intern she hires helps her put things in perspective.

Every time you feel the pressure mounting, watch this movie and it may help restore a sense of purpose.

The Founder

This is a must watch for every entrepreneur for it captures the journey of McDonald’s and its founder, Ray Crock. Not only does the movie show how important it is to never give up, but also throws light on other aspects of business such the importance of a good team, and why it’s important to have all legalities in place.


This one was nominated for an Oscar and rightly so since it captures the challenges of a woman entrepreneur and has a wonderful message for all women looking to build a million-dollar company. It is about beating all odds and breaking the glass ceiling. Again, it draws inspiration from real life, and is based on the life of Joy Mangano, a self-made millionaire and how she created her business empire.

Becoming Warren Buffett

This one is a documentary about Warren Buffett, the American business magnate and the Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. One of the most successful investors in the world, the documentary is about his life, a short biography summed up in 90 minutes, and there are many takeaways the movie has to offer such as how important it is to believe in yourself, have faith, and never stop learning.

If you have missed on any of these movies, then it is time you got back to Netflix and Amazon Prime, and for those of you who have watched it, perhaps it’s time to revisit some of them again.