Paytm acquires Cube26; Google invests $550 M in China's


Paytm on Tuesday announced the acquisition of technology startup Cube26. The company, which has been funded by Flipkart and Tiger Global, focuses on enhancing user experiences across multiple devices and platforms, with customised applications for Android OS, and has also developed varied applications for OEMs. The acquisition of Cube26 is a step towards building engaging content and features to increase stickiness to the Paytm app.

Cube26 Team

Despite facing local regulatory hurdles, global tech behemoths are keen to do business in China as Google’s $550 million investment in reflects. The search giant announced a strategic partnership with China’s second-largest ecommerce player (after Alibaba) on Monday. As part of the all-cash deal, Google will own 27 million shares or about 1 percent of at $20.20 per share.

RentSher said it has raised $1.1 million in its latest funding round, led by Abu Dhabi-based venture capital fund Shorooq Investments and Dubai-based Latitude Consultants. The online product rental marketplace’s funding round also saw participation from angel investors of the LetsVenture platform, a senior partner from McKinsey & Company’s Middle East office, apart from more angel investors from the UK, UAE and Saudi Arabia. The company plans to allocate the funds raised towards developing a global tech platform that supports customers as well as business partners. 

The RentSher team

Looking at the challenges that come with parenting in the new age, various startups have come up with solutions to help them along the often tricky journey of bringing up a child. The Indian maternity and baby care products market has been witnessing tremendous growth in the last few years, compared to other emerging markets across the world. YourStory lists some startups helping parents in India.

Personal experiences, combined with the healthcare industry’s inability to provide timely care, motivated Raj Kunnath, Kenneth R D Massey, Senthil Kumar A, and Rakesh Kotakkalathil to build a venture that would make healthcare simple and accessible. Klinikals is a platform where a patient can get all healthcare services at one place.

Founders of Klinikals (from left to right) Kenneth Massey, Co-Founder and CMO, Raj Kunnath, Founder and CEO, Senthil, COO

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