Presenting the India Startup Report: a YourStory overview on our startup ecosystem


YourStory has been chronicling the evolution of the Indian startup ecosystem before it became an ecosystem, and before the word ‘startup’ was commonly understood and used. We made it our mission to tell the stories of entrepreneurs who were taking massive risks – personally and professionally – to do what they believed would bring about significant change in the country.

Ten years down the line, our interactions have not only resulted in close to 80,000 stories, but also a database of India’s new-age companies. More than that, we have had an insider’s view of the ecosystem like no other because we aren’t looking outside-in.

Many of you have been asking us to put together all our data, learning and observations in a much more cohesive manner. And we hear you. As YourStory celebrates its tenth year of chronicling entrepreneurship stories, we have decided to bring out every quarter a status report on the ecosystem. This is the first edition of the India Startup Report. We plan to update this with fresh, relevant content and information every quarter.

While there are many different figures about how many startups we have in the country, our internal trackers show that India is home to 40,000 startups. These are not just product startups but ventures that are effectively leveraging technology to push scale.

[Download the report here]

I look to each one of you to please give us feedback so that we can bring you the best reports, insights and information in the coming quarter. Think of us as a startup trying to change the status quo on startup research and reports. And we promise to keep getting better. Heartfelt thanks for supporting us all along.

I would also like to thank T N Hari for brilliantly summarising the history of entrepreneurship in India for this report. Also my team for helping put this together, specifically Suma Ramachandran for curating and producing the report, Aditya Ranade for his brilliant design and Anisha Tulika for the layout. This report would not have been possible without our Data team – Vigesh B, Nagaraju N and Mridula DV. Also thanks to Dr Madanmohan Rao for his insights into the various sectors, as well as Mansi Kelkar and Rekha Balakrishnan and Nileena G S for additional research, fact-checking and content curation.

I hope you find this report useful. Do share your feedback with me at or through our social media pages. We’ve done our best to ensure the accuracy of numbers and facts in the report, but if you feel something is not right, do let me know and we’ll look into it. I look forward to hearing from you and signing off with, as they say, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. The India startup story has just started and is taking on an interesting shape.

I look forward to hearing from you.

[Download the report here]



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