‘Without resonance, there is no relevance’ - Nathalie Bondil, Director, MMFA


In Part II of our photo essay on the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, we showcase more art works along with curator perspectives on innovation impact and success.

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The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) describes itself as a “bold, innovative and caring museum” (see Part I of our exhibit showcase here). With a collection of 43,000 art works, the museum received over 1.3 million visitors last year.

“Effective curation of themes and exhibits must be strong on the academic level but also be relevant. It has to be scholarly as well as popular, new as well as impactful. Without resonance there is no relevance,” says Nathalie Bondil, museum director and chief curator, in a conversation with YourStory. It is important to look at the impact of one’s effort and expertise.

Museums present multiple points of view on important issues of the times, and create a conversation, she says. MMFA blends traditional with contemporary art, showcasing diverse images and perspectives. The end result is intended to come across as intelligent, and not just old fashioned.

“A museum is a laboratory for innovation. It mixes multiple fields, and the mixing of fields is a great way to innovate. A museum has to humanistic. Humanism, of course, has to be the focus of all professions,” says Nathalie.

A museum spurs curiosity, imparts knowledge, and nurtures the sense of emotional intelligence, according to Nathalie. “In a world of rapid technological change, art helps you have sensibility,” she says.

“Creativity is not to know the end of the story,” Nathalie jokes, describing herself as an art historian and not an artist. A successful museum promotes creativity, community, conversation, and content, she explained. It brings together top-down, bottom-up and lateral influences from government, academia, industry, artists, philanthropists, and communities.

“How to lead is not easy. Part of leadership in the creative initiatives is about passion and argumentation. Museums are benevolent, educational places, but also promote togetherness and inter-culturalism. Art is more than propaganda,” she says.

“Art teaches you how to feel. Art creates linkages. Art is a reflection of the soft power of a culture,” she explained. Big emerging themes which museums will have to tackle in future are bio-diversity, a multi-polar world, and cultural inclusion, Nathalie signs off.

Now what have you done today to improve the resonance of your work with a broader audience, and increase its relevance?

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