Art is livelihood and soul: Sophie Ouellet, Director, Cosner Gallery


In this photo essay, we showcase the diverse range of art at Montreal’s Cosner Gallery, and share creative insights from the director.

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Montreal’s Cosner Gallery, founded and owned by Robert Tremblay, offers a wide range of contemporary and indigenous Canadian art. Some of the art works are drawn from private collections, and the gallery offers the public a chance to see the works online as well.

The gallery has two spaces in the city and serves as a platform for collectors and artists, with a strong appraisal focus on quality and authenticity. Robert has more than 30 years of experience in Canadian art and antiques, and is assisted by Sophie Ouellet, Director, along with Valérie Boisvenue (Coordinator) and Laurence Perron (Advisor).

The gallery has an impressive line-up of artists, some of whom are featured in this photo essay: John Little, Kieff Antonio Grediaga, Marcel Barbeau, Molly Lamb Bobak, Simionie Killiktee, Normand Hudon, Alexander Young Jackson, John Young Johnstone, Marc-Aurele Fortin, Berthe Des Clayes, Armand Tatossian, Rodolphe Duguay, Iyaituk Nutaraluk, and Leon Bellefleur.

The gallery’s focus is on high quality art that is also affordable. “Canada has a healthy market for art, and the works of Canadian masters are in demand overseas as well,” said gallery director Sophie Ouellet, in a chat with YourStory. The art works are priced from $2,000 up to $200,000.

Private collections, art galleries and museums keep art alive, and build a market and supportive ecosystem for the creative community. “Keep an open mind, and have tolerance for diverse themes and forms,” Sophie advises audiences.

Fusion art works well if the artist has respect for the different types and messages of art. “Art can be livelihood and also good for the soul and for mental health,” Sophie signs off.

Now what have you done today to explore the beauty and power of art, and bring it into your home or office?

Sophie Ouellet, Director, Cosner Gallery

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