Uber launches safety toolkit while Swiggy will ride into the future with Scootsy


Sachin Bansal again in the news? Not quite. It's Sachin Kansal, Uber's product management director, who has made a small splash. The company has rolled out something that all customers will appreciate - a safety toolkit - to bail oneself out of troubled times. Well done, Uber. Safety is non-negotiable. The day also saw Swiggy's acquisition of Scootsy, an intra city delivery service. Build whenever possible but buy when needed, seems to be Swiggy's motto. BSE's new AI powered chatbot 'Ask Motabhai' completes the picture. Read on.  

Uber on Thursday announced the launch of its safety toolkit, a consolidated and comprehensive set of in-app features, for its customers in India. The safety toolkit was launched in the US in May this year. Sachin Kansal, Director, Product Management, Uber said that the features have been added after having several conversations with riders in different parts of the world. While the app is similar to the one in the US, it has been customised for Indian needs and requirements. The idea is to improve both awareness and usage rates of some of the existing as well as newly introduced features. 

Sachin Kansal

San Francisco and Bengaluru based Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup Actionable Science has raised $1 million seed funding led by California-based funds Globevestor and Tri-Valley Ventures. The funds will primarily be used to accelerate product development, get a strong customer reach and focus on client delivery. This round also saw participation from – Shyam Maheshwari, Partner, SSG Capital, Jai Mirpuri, MD, Redwood Group, Sukeert Shanker, COO Digital Banking, East West Bank, Puneet Kaushik, Partner, Auctus Advisors, Abhijeet Harolikar, Head of Global Analytics Centre, Paypal and Bhahmanand Hegde, Founder, Vistaar Finance.

BSE in partnership with Microsoft and application developer Shephertz, has announced the launch of its artificial intelligence (AI)-based chatbot, ‘Ask Motabhai’. The bot was commissioned to provide faster and more convenient on-demand data and market information from the stock exchange’s website, especially to small and retail investors. BSE's website  offers real-time information on stock price, corporate

Bengaluru-based online food delivery platform Swiggy announced on Thursday that it had acquired Scootsy, an intracity service that delivers food, toys, beauty, electronics and more to a customer’s doorstep. While the details of the deal were undisclosed, the press statement shared by Swiggy said Mumbai-based Scootsy will continue as an independent app. Swiggy will help strengthen Scootsy’s curated restaurant network, and aid the company in its expansion to newer cities.

Swiggy founders Nandan Reddy, Rahul Jaimini and Sriharsha Majety

Google is planning to bypass China’s longstanding bans on US tech companies with a new censored search engine for market. The upcoming product is likely to meet demands of the protectionist local government and censor public information sites from Wikipedia to BBC as well as restrict information on topics such as freedom of speech, governance, democracy, religion, peaceful protest, and so on. 

As Walmart and Flipkart are gearing up to close their deal in the office of CCI (competition commission of India), US-based mutual fund investor – Vanguard World Fund – that has invested in Flipkart, disclosed that it netted a handsome profit of about $15 million after the Flipkart’s valuation jump. Vanguard saw the valuation of its investment in Series G shares increased by $10.13 million to $4,42,51,000, and its investment in Series H shares brought it a valuation bump of $4.8 million to a total of $2,10,69,000.


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