These AR apps can make your real life more exciting


Augmented Reality (AR) has gained a lot of attention in the last few years and developers are cashing in on this highly useful technology.

The word ‘augmented’ means to make something greater or more intense. Augmented reality refers to the enhancement of the real-world environment through computer-aided technology. AR apps use your smartphone’s camera or other sensors to make the environment more enhanced or interesting.

Augmented Reality apps have huge potential starting from chasing digital creatures in the real world to designing complex machines or engineering structures easily. It uses your current location to project virtual objects on display, or on special augmented reality glass.

AR can be used in any industry or segment in life, be it in entertainment, education, or fashion. Below are some popular and interesting AR apps-

1. Ingress

Ingress is a location-based AR mobile game developed by Niantic.

Niantic Inc is an American software company that develops augmented reality mobile games like Pokémon Go and the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Ingress is available for free on both Android phones and iOS. Ingress is a virtual world where one needs to choose a side between the Resistance and the Enlightened. The mission is to find virtual portals in the real world, and capture them for your side.

Set in a complex sci-fi world, the game requires one to roam around in the real world, capturing or protecting locations. The game has got an average rating of 4.3 with over 10,000,000 downloads.

Ingress app

2. Quiver

Quiver (formerly known as ColAR Mix) is an AR colouring app that mainly targets kids. It allows one to print, colour, and see drawings in beautiful 3D animation. The user has to download and print the colouring book pages from the app's official website, colour them in, and then use the app to bring the pages to life.

In addition to these, the app has games with animated characters, quiz, etc. Offered by QuiverVision Limited, Quiver also has Quiver Education, Quiver Fashion and Quiver Masks. The app has over 100,000 downloads.

3. Inkhunter

Inkhunter lets you visualise in AR how a tattoo would look like on your skin. By just putting small marks on the desired body part and scanning, one can see how the tattoo would look from every angle. Hundreds of designs are available in the gallery on the app to choose from. Since its launch in 2016, Inkhunter has had over six million downloads. Inkhunter is supported by Artkai, a Ukraine-based company, to help in design and development for digital agencies, IT companies, and startups.

4. Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map is an Android AR app that lets you experience the universe through your phone’s camera in augmented reality. Point the device’s camera at the sky, and the app will show you constellations, planets, galaxies, celestial objects and their relative positions in the direction you point. Sky Map was developed by a group of Google engineers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It's available for free with no in-app purchases. It has over 50,000,000 installs.

5. IkeaPlace

It’s more than just a catalogue offered by Inter IkeaSystems B.V. Swedish-founded Ikea is a furniture and home appliance retailer. An Ikea publication, this app provides access to images, films, and 360 degree room sets. It lets the user place selected furniture in a room before they choose to buy it. Using a mobile or a device camera, the user can place objects inside the room digitally. The app was launched to support the sales for Ikea products. IkeaPlace also lets one measure a room. The app is free with no in-app purchases.


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