Looking for nutritious food for your baby? Try these organic baby food startups


It is no child’s play for these startups that mean business when they say they want to provide the best foodstuff for the youngest customers out there.

Mothers of young children are particular about sourcing and feeding their babies nutritious and healthy food. Although there are several options from big brands flooding the market, some mothers are looking at alternative or organic food options for their little ones.

This has led to the rising popularity of organic baby food and has led to mushrooming of various homegrown brands. According to statistics portal Statista, the market value of baby foods will reach $76 billion in 2021. In the context of the global market and developed countries, the market is mostly split between multinationals and companies led by parents who want the best for their children and are going the non-industrial, commercially made way.

Here are some of the baby food startups that shine the spotlight on the ingredients and are looking at nutritious and organic food product options.

  1. Nutreat Life

Andhra Pradesh-based Nutreat Life makes homemade food for babies and young children, primarily using traditional processing techniques. The team handpicks raw ingredients directly from local farmers, and sun-dries them to improve shelf life. Nutreat Life was founded by Jyothi Pappu in 2015. Bootstrapped with an initial investment of Rs 25,000, the team claims to be making revenues of Rs 2 lakh per month, and is targeting revenues of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 8 lakh per month by the end of 2018. The average price of the products is between Rs 300 and Rs 500. Its products are available at few retail shops in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana, as well as on Amazon.

The Nutreat Life team
  1. Early Foods

Founded in 2015 by Shalini Santhosh, Early Foods claims to provide organic, fresh, chemical and preservative-free food for children. Its products include porridge mixes, health drinks, cookies and rusks for young children using nutritious cereals and millets as key ingredients. This Pune-based startup caters to over 2,000 orders a month. The team says its annual turnover for FY 2017-18 is likely to touch Rs 3 crore. Early Foods is available on Amazon India, Firstcry, BabyChakra and BabyGogo, and in retail stores in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Surat.

  1. Happibo

Founded in 2015 by Harshada Joshi, who was later joined by Satya Pulakurthi and his wife Bhagavathi, Happibo manufactures ready-to-feed meals and snacks for babies in the age group of six months to two years. This Bengaluru-based startup has introduced a wide variety of fruits and veggies for babies to develop healthier eating habits. It includes one super food (chia seeds, for example) in each of its products. Happibo products are available on its website and on Amazon, BigBasket and Firstcry. On an average, the products cost between Rs 150 and Rs 200.

Happibo founder Harshada Joshi
  1. BabyStaples

Hyderabad-based BabyStaples was founded in 2017. The startup aims to make healthy, organic, and homemade food for babies and their mothers by combining ancient techniques of dehydrating and grinding food with modern methods. Every grain of its baby food is claimed to be free of preservatives, sugar and salt, delivered in BPA-free packaging and is made using ancient grains like millets, ragi, amaranth, quinoa, steel-cut oats and more. The products are available on its site, Firstcry, Amazon, Babiesbloomstore etc. BabyStaples is founded by Aanchal Mittal and Mamta Mittal.

  1. Bebe Burp

Founded by Aman Tibrewal, Shruti Tibrewal, and Chirag Gupta, Bebe Burp is an organic handcrafted food company based out of Surat started in 2016. The team claims to make the products from healthy and yet tasty natural ingredients. Bebe Burp assures of certified food products that are not only preservative-free but organic and natural too. Its product portfolio includes ragi cookies, oatmeal mix, whole wheat cookies etc., with average price range of Rs 200 – Rs 300. One can buy its products from its site or from other platforms like Firstcry, Eazelly, Snapdeal or Babiesbloomstore.


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